Saturday, March 19, 2016

Green Lake 2016

Every Spring Break we head up to Green Lake with my sister's family who also has four kids.   The drive is about five hours with the stops that we take and our first one is usually Alexandra Bridge! It's a great 30 minute walk and you can go over the old bridge where there are holes to see right down to the Fraser River below! I'll be honest, I'm a chicken.  This was the first year I went all the way across.

The drive up the Fraser Canyon is so beautiful!

We stay at my dad's "cabin" (house with six bedrooms) which is where Gary and I got married–you see that arbour there?  That's where we said our vows!

My sister's kids are the same ages as ours so they all play well together.  The big kids spent a lot of time playing "Spoons" and sledding while the younger ones played a lot of Tickle Monster and colouring.

Ahhhh.....morning coffee on the deck!

The lake was still frozen enough that we could play safely on it in the mornings.

The kids rode their bikes and did some curling. They also did some sledding down the road.

Gary and I did quick hike up Mt. Begbie with our Little One.  I need to find some new hikes in the area!

We got our annual photo under the "love arbour."  Someone wouldn't let go of me and it wasn't Gary...

The kids did a little quading with Gary.

Ice sculptures were made.

It's so much easier as the kids get older.  Our Little One requires a bit more attention so not too relaxing (aka sitting and reading a book) but getting there. 

We just stayed for two nights and then went home to prepare for our next adventure on Vancouver Island.  On the way home we stopped at Bridal Falls for a quick hike! It's just 15 minutes each way and very easy for the kids (if you do go up to the falls it is a steep climb but the boys flew up!)

Thankful for safe travels and healthy kids.  Our next road trip is looking like a rainy one–yikes!

Hope you are having a good Spring Break.



  1. Looks like another successful Green Lake trip. Love the photos on the frozen lake!

    1. It was great! We didn't venture out too far on the lake because you could definitely hear the ice shifting in the afternoon!

  2. The photo of you two under the arbour, is that LO? So cute!