Thursday, March 03, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.  When the kids play together nicely.  To be honest, it is very rare that three or more will play nicely together but when there are two together, it's usually pretty nice.  Nya loves her brothers and her best buddy at preschool is also an older boy!

2. Preschool.  Nya loves going two times a week and I love that she gets to spend 2.5 hours singing, dancing, playing, learning and crafting.  You have no idea how many times a day I hear "My preschool teacher says..."  "My teacher taught me..."

3.  This book. Kind of.  It's a bit...silly (she is obsessed with tidying and has way too much time to do it!) but I have learned some helpful things and I've started The Great Tidy of 2016.  I think it will take me at least six months to get through our home but hopefully then, once everything has it's place and we have decluttered, I won't have to do a Great Big Tidy ever again.

4.  I went through all of my clothes and purged about 1/4 of them.  There were so many old running shirts and sports team shirts and lounge pants...I had to get past the memories of each piece of clothing and ask if it was useful or "sparked joy".  I also folded them vertically as recommended.  I actually really like it this way as I won't forget about shirts at the bottom of the pile.  It took me three hours in case you are considering it.  I'm sort of regretting that I donated one of my favourite (aka long term) hoodies and my first pair of skinny jeans but I'm pretty sure I made the right decision.

5.  My social butterfly.  She would love to play with friends every single day–unlike me, a friend once a week is all I need!  Her cousins were under the weather so Elsa had to do for the afternoon.

6. Pinterest.  As much as it can make me feel inadequate, I love using something that would normally go to waste!  Nya stamped with the stalk of the romaine lettuce on Taco Tuesday!

7.  Spring (almost)!! So beautiful.  I've started taking bee pollen for my allergies, we'll see if it works!

8. Bubbles. I've never met a kid who didn't love bubbles. 

9.  I sorted through Nya's clothes too.  I had done it somewhat recently so I only purged a little bit BUT it felt good to get hers done.  It took almost two hours.

10.  A hike with a friend!  Shanon and I hiked Elk Mountain in Chilliwack and it was really beautiful. Unfortunately it was foggy so there was no spectacular view at the top.  Oh well, it's not going anywhere!  It's rare that we have a Saturday free so I'm glad that it worked out.

11.  Winning a trip to Whistler!! I found out yesterday.  Our family will be staying at the Fairmont Whistler for two nights which is absolutely gorgeous. We also get a family dinner at The Wildflower which will be the fanciest meal our kids have ever had.  I entered the contest on Instagram (for family fun in Whistler) and this was the photo that won :) We are hoping to go with just our family of five once our Little One returns home...that might sound harsh but we've got our LO with us for two trips over Spring Break so one with just the original Chapmans is something we will savour (aka sleeping past 5am, having a normal decibel level, and having our hands free!)  We haven't had a night with just the five of us for over seven months so it will be very much appreciated.

So, maybe you didn't have a big win this week but what are you thankful for?



  1. Wow - another great win! Way to go Chapman Family!

    1. Thanks Carol! Super excited about this :)

  2. yes! I love your friend's Earn Your Shower tank! I have the same one :) I love all my Run Like A Girl clothes and swag.

  3. Hi Louise!!! Congrats on winning the trip! How exciting! Is that a life sized Elsa doll? That is awesome about organizing. I need to do more of that (clothes, I mean...though I need to organize pretty much everything). I have way too many boards and pin on Pinterest. LOL I love looking and pinning, and maybe following up on a recipe, and that's about I do with Pinterest. Spring here in Kamloops, too. My lil nphw LOVES preschool, and he is almost 5! I am glad that Nya loves it. Have a great wknd!