Friday, March 18, 2016

Five Sanity Savers for Parents

Life can get loud and crazy really fast.  For me, a lot of the stress in parenting comes from noise– whether that's kids bugging each other or asking me for snacks over and over or bouncing a basketball right next to me while I'm trying to read.  Here are five sanity savers that I recommend for parents:

1. A minivan.  Separating the boys results in an optimal travelling environment.  We have tried putting all three kids in the back of our car and it works for shorter trips but anything more than an hour and it's just not worth it!

2.  Ready to go snacks.  When we had one kid they would be homemade.  Now? Granola bars, fruit cups, rice cakes, baby carrots...whatever is fast and easy.  Keep some in the van, in your purse, in your pantry–be prepared!

3. A basement (or playroom the kids can escape too).  I love having the noise and toys in a separate area!  They have video games, basketball, hockey, play kitchen, and train table.  They spend hours down there and my ears appreciate it.  Also, because it's out of my regular sight, I don't worry about it being messy.

4. After school care. Although this is quite an added expense to our family budget, it is worth it in sanity and time saved.  Gary works close to the boys school so he can do the drop off and pick up.  This saves me over an hour a day along with the stress of navigating the school parking lot.  The boys love their out of school program where they can play with friends, get exercise, and eat yummy snacks.

5.  Send them outside.  Whether they are blowing bubbles in the backyard, playing hockey in the alley, or you go together for a family walk, it helps to allow the sound to dissipate!  When they are in wide open spaces they are less likely to wrestle too.

What are some tips that you have for keeping calm?  I'd love to hear them!  

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