Monday, March 14, 2016

Lego Friends on Netflix

Our boys grew up playing with LEGO and although Nya is a bit too young to build it, she is VERY interested in is watching Lego Friends on Netflix and playing with what her brothers make.  This feel good show is about Olivia, a new girl in Heartlake City. She becomes best friends with Mia, Andrea, Emma and Stephanie and they have many animal related adventures; the Dolphin Alert project was my favourite (Episode 3).

Season 1 contains six episodes and there is also Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship which is a Netflix Original.

Nya's favourite part is that at the end of the show there is a song and choreographed dance that she loves to participate in (and makes me join in!)  Okay, that's my favourite part too.  To be honest, I'm very happy to be getting a break from Paw Patrol and Doc McStuffins!

If you have LEGO fans in your home, look at all of the options that there are now on Netflix!

{Screen shot from Netflix}

I haven't introduced any of them to the boys yet although they have seen the Lego Movie a time or two!  Here are some sweet photos over the years that involved LEGO...

Have your kids watched any of the new Lego series? If so, what's their favourite?


{I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam and opinions are my own...any my kids'}


  1. Haha...Dolphin Cruise was my favourite episode too...I may have even purchased the cruise ship set for the girls last Christmas :) Killer deal at Costco at least!

    1. Oh Costco, of course :) Hope you are well, friend.