Friday, July 10, 2015

Planting a Seed to Become Foster Parents

{I was nervous to press "Publish" on this one because we're not experienced foster parents yet.  But, it's what's on our hearts now, so here is my heart...}

I want to plant a seed in your mind.  It might sound wild and crazy and too much of a stretch, but just read, please. We were led here--to become foster parents--by someone encouraging us.  It wasn't one giant leap; they were baby steps.  Maybe this will be your first baby step by considering it.

My question is:  What do you want for your kids? Whether it's the children you currently have, the ones you hope to, or even those you know and love--what do you desire for them?

To be loved? Known? Happy? Successful? Safe? 

To make a difference? 

To love others?

There are many children whose basic rights (fed, clothed and nurtured) are not being met for a variety of reasons.  We can invite those children into our homes so that their families can hopefully get the help that they need.  We can provide those basic needs (and hopefully more) in a safe environment where love is abundant.

Gary and I are on an emotional ride here and it's just begun; trusting God in the placement of the right child(ren) in our home--yes, we've opened our minds and hearts to allow for siblings.

If you've ever considered fostering, even a bit, I'd encourage you to look into it a bit more.

The need is so great right now.  If you have any questions, please ask.  If you are in B.C., here is the link for the Ministry of Children & Family Development for more information.


PS I will be unable to share any details or photos of the little ones that come to our home, but sharing my thoughts on fostering in general is okay :)


  1. I'm shocked at least once a week, still after 5 years, by the horrible family situations kids have even in a small prairie town. Without fostering, adoption, or both, they never get the same opportunities kids do from stable families. So, way to go you guys, for counting the cost (as Bible speaks of), and going for it. It's neat to know that the Lord had already picked out the child(ren) to live with you before you or they were even born. And, He's already placed within you all you need to parent them! Nancy

    1. Oh Nancy, so glad that there are teachers like you to speak love into so many lives, too! And yes, I really do feel His hand in it all. Such a comfort, right?