Monday, July 27, 2015

When My Kids Get Married

Gary and I photograph a lot of weddings.  I've become so emotional throughout the wedding day because I just imagine my own kids saying their "I Do's".  Nya putting on her wedding dress.  Kai dancing with me.  Gary and I walking Nya down the aisle.  Koen's childhood slideshow–I've got some good photos for that one.  Gary and I giving a speech (I couldn't get any words out at my own wedding so it's doubtful I will be able to at theirs–I cry so easily.)  Maybe they won't get married, but if it is their heart's desire, I hope it happens.

I pray that they choose their spouse wisely.  It's probably one of the biggest decisions they'll ever make.  I hope that they are wonderful partners by working hard to make it the best relationship that it can be; respecting, listening, and being thoughtful.

I hope that whoever marries into this family desires a relationship with us, you know, the "old people"–I promise I'm fun!

There's not a lot I can do about it other than model a great marriage, talk about respect and relationships, and pray about it.  Any other ideas? 

Do you think about this too?  



  1. I need to get working on my part of the groom's parents' speech right now - Our middle son is getting married this coming Sunday! This one will not be too emotional for me as he has lived away from home for several years now. I am just happy for him!

    1. Congratulations, Carol! This makes me feel better...I guess it's step-by-step, right? I have a feeling my kids will move away for school first so that will hopefully help the transitioning of our family, too :)

    2. Mike's fiancee is the oldest child in her family, first to get married, the only girl, and has lived at home until now, so I'm sure it will be a different story for her parents!