Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Toy That Never Gets Old

You know how there are some phases that kids go through that don't last a long time?  Where you get frustrated for purchasing something that they "have to have" and they play with it for just a month?  There is one thing that my boys have played with for YEARS.  Cars.  They love them and Nya does now, too.

The boys received their first Hot Wheels set for Christmas of 2010.  Kai loved his Trick Track and I have to admit it was pretty cool!   Recently, the kids had the opportunity to play with the Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway.  They worked together to set it up and made a tournament out of it.  They tallied up which cars sent the most flags flying; this kept them busy for a whole morning.  

I like that the tracks are removable so that it takes up less space.  Nya likes that the "popcorn" goes flying.

I appreciate that Hot Wheels can be used by every kid in our family; aged 3-9.


Don't forget that there are a lot of ideas online on how to incorporate Hot Wheels cars into learning through the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals Learning Program.    Last time we did a math lesson and this time Koen practiced his printing and creative storytelling. 

If anyone wants to come over and play with some Hot Wheels cars, we have a bin full!  Gary's mom even kept all of his from when he was younger so that the kids can play with them when they go to her house.  Guess I'll be keeping mine for my grandkids, too.  


PS Here are the kids back in 2012 playing with their Hot Wheels over the Christmas holidays.  Nya was so small!


  1. Hot Wheels is definitely one of the toys that doesn't get old (like Lego, Playmobil). Ezra has collected a huge bin of Hot Wheels and when we go through toy purges, we never permit a Hot Wheels car to go. We're keeping them for our grandkids too, but our kids LOVE playing with them.

  2. The Hot wheels Learning program looks awesome! I wish it was around when my littles were actually little. My son spent hours playing 'parking lot'. I'll keep this like for when my nephews and nieces visit. Thanks!

  3. Hot wheels are a crazy toy in our house too! Of all the toys my daughter plays with, she always goes back to those cars...