Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:
1. Our king size bed.  I loooooooooooooooooove crawling into our bed at the end of the day. PS Anyone else have a body pillow `dividing' the bed?

2. Texting.  So easy to communicate with a few key people!  Gary adds a tagline to his texts so last week all of his texts ended with `love you' and this week it's `you're hot'.  Hopefully he removes the tagline when he texts other people!

3. Sunny evenings.  We took the kids to the park to play some baseball.  It felt like summer!

4. Gary including the kids in meal preparations.  Nya loves spending time with daddy in the kitchen.

5.  Watching the Canucks game with my boys.  They lost but it was nice to watch together (and awesome that it started at 6 pm instead of 7 pm!).

6. A husband who thinks I give good haircuts.  Oh man, if I didn't cut it, he would never get it done. So, he's stuck with me!  Saves us $$$ :)

7.  Good books to read and time to read them!

8. Listening to Nya sing as she plays.  The boys never sang like her so it's such a sweet sound!

9. Encouragement from Alissa to become a foster parent.  I lived with Alissa in 2004 in Kenya.  We were the only two mzungus (white people) in the whole village.  This is 8 minutes long but a wonderful story. (PS Our final safety check is this week!!)

BEAUTY FROM BROKENESS from Central on Vimeo.

10. Playground equipment.  Our yard is small but the parks are aplenty.

I hope you are having a wonderful week.  Please let me know what you are thankful for today!



  1. I'm loving the sunny weather too... and don't even get me started on my king sized bed! It's one of the things I just don't ever want to life without. Happy TT!

  2. Left neglected is so good! I also recommend Still Alice by the same author if you haven't read IT..and the movie for that book came out a couple months ago and was so good too.

    1. Lauren, I SOBBED reading through Still Alice. So great. I haven't seen the movie, might have to!

    2. Oh yes you DEFINITELY need to ! But I think you will be full of tears!! more sobbing...

  3. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I'm secretly thankful that my work is still shut down after we had a cyclone while we were away (we re-open tomorrow and everyone is ok) but Myles is still in day care so I have had 3 days at home by myself. Selfish, probably but it is oh so nice!

    Lynn W.

  4. Did the boys cry when they lost? We don't have the body pillow but we have very similar looking purple pillows!

    1. Kai hid under a blanket and cried. Any in your house?! ;)

  5. I enjoyed Lisa Genova's books so much but I loved them and want to 'preserve' them by not watching the movie - weird of me?
    I am about to cut Alf's hair ;)
    No dividing pillow for us...we barely move at night, so once we are in our 'spots,' we're good :)

  6. Oh yeah - today I am thankful for a chance to go biking with the kids around the block a few times :)