Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Day in the Magic Kingdom {Disney World}

Our second day at Walt Disney World was spent in the Magic Kingdom and we LOVED it!  It is very similar to Disneyland and has the most rides and characters for the kids.  We arrived about 15 minutes before it opened which was perfect timing.  They had all the characters there for the opening and we were one of the first people on the rides.  

There are photographers throughout the park ready and willing to take your photo with either their camera (and then scan your band for you to access them online) OR they will use your camera to do it.  I love having someone ready to take our photo!  I had them use our camera each time.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World

We went straight to Tomorrowland and did; Tomorrowland Speedway, Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter (Nya could do this one), Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin (Nya loved this one!).  The boys did not like Space Mountain as they thought it was too scary.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World

I LOVE that we had 5 fast passes each that we could utilize immediately.  This was a huge plus as we `just' had four days at Walt Disney World.  Our prize pack included 6 days in Disney World but because two full days were travelling, we could only spend 4 days there. Two additional days would have definitely made it more relaxing as we just had to go, go, go to see everything that we wanted to.  Our usual wait times were 5-20 minutes, it was AWESOME.  

Magic Kingdom at Disney World

We then went up to Fantasyland and did Prince Charming's Regal Carousel, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Ariel's Grotto and Under the Sea.  The boys really enjoyed the Mine Train.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World

Nya did the Carousel twice.  She LOVED it.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World

While there we also met Cinderella and Rapunzel.  This was a highlight for Nya.  We waited about 15 minutes in the fastpass lane which wasn't too bad.  Our kids aren't into Frozen (Elsa and Ana) or we would've waited there for them, too.  The other thing I considered was putting Nya in a princess dress for meeting them but it was just so, so hot.

I am still so surprised that the boys loved meeting the characters too as I thought they would be `too cool' for it!  So glad it worked out that they all wanted to meet as many characters as possible.

We then went back to Main Street for the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party.  All three kids love Phineus and Ferb so it was fun to dance with them in the street.  It was also very hot and humid!

We then did Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  While Gary and I took turns taking the kids on those (yay for Parent Passes!), Nya wandered through the many stores adding to her birthday list and enjoyed a Mickey Mouse Ice cream.

As an adult, the rides are not scary but they're perfect for our boys!

The kids all wanted to meet more characters so we went to the Big Top at Pete's Silly Sideshow (air conditioning!) and met four more.  Although they have professional photographers that take your pictures, they are more than happy to see you taking photos or will get a family photo with your own camera.  

We had a wake up time the next day at 5 am (which is like 2 am Vancouver time!) for the Breakfast Television Live Broadcast so we did not stay late at the park.  We went back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge  via the Disney buses.  The transportation system is so handy!!  We enjoyed dinner at the Mara, a marshmallow roast, saying hello to the giraffes, and a swim in the pool (where the boys did the water slide over and over and over again.).

{Jambo means `hello' in Swahili and this is where we stayed}

This was probably my favourite day at Disney was magical :)  We were somewhat rested, we could get an early start on the day, and the kids were able to do everything that was on our `must do' list.  The one downside of having our trip be so last minute is that we couldn't book a character dining meal but that was totally fine with us.  If we had an extra day at Disney World, we definitely would have spent it at the Magic Kingdom. 


PS What's your favourite ride in the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland?


  1. Koen has the best faces on the rides. Was he afraid to go on new rides? The Fast Passes are amazing. When I was a kid I remember standing in a major heat wave for 2 HOURS to get on Splash Mountain. A few years later, we waited again for 2 HOURS to get on Indiana Jones.

    1. Jessica, Koen wasn't afraid at all to go on the rides (even though his face sure looks like he is!). It's Kai that was more hesitant. His tummy gets a bit more upset so he passed on a few of the bigger rides at Hollywood Studios. I can't imagine waiting for 2 hours, although people were doing it. I just don't think I would, it was so hot!

  2. I don't like Space Mountain either :) I love Koen's face on the rides and Nya's face with Goofy. So cute.

    I still can't believe you had real giraffes wandering around your hotel!!