Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. This moment.  As much as I'm a planner I LOVED the surprise. It was an amazing feeling that I will never, ever forget.

2.  Supporters and Encouragers.  99.9% of people have been nothing but supportive.  We are part of such amazing communities and I'm so thankful for all those that shared in the excitement with us.  Thank YOU.  I still don't know many details but I will share them once I do.

3.Perspective.  I know what is important in life...well as much as my 36 years have taught me.  Although a trip like this is very exciting, the fact that I get to wake up and experience another day is pretty awesome too.  Life is short.  If I live to be as old as my mom, I've got just 17 years left.  I don't mean to sound dramatic, I just am thankful for life experiences that have shaped who I am.  

{I couldn't stop crying after the camera crew left!}

4.  A husband who will play with barbies even though March Madness is the ultimate sporting highlight of his year.  

5.  Improving my time.  I finished this last 5 km race in 29.04 which is good for me.  

6.  Seeing Kai's joy over ball hockey.  He hasn't had his first game yet but he's had another practice.  He is so excited about it.  I just got the schedule...not sure how I feel about driving all over the place!

7. A fun afternoon at VanDusen Gardens.  Our whole family went for $7.50 (two for one coupon and kids were free).  I had never been there and it's beautiful.  It would be a great spot for an engagement session, too!

8.  Going to FlyOver Canada.  The boys really enjoyed it!  We don't go into Vancouver often so it was fun to even just walk around Canada Place.

9.  Gary.  Ten years married  (almost!) and still so much to figure out.  I feel like we've learned so much over the past year and I'm happy with where we are.  I've also signed us up for a marriage class through our church, lucky Gary!  Photo by Kai.

10.  Kai holding my hand.  I'm not sure how it happened but I managed to hold his hand without him resisting.  I know these moments won't happen much any more as he tends to resist physical affection with Gary and I.  I was the same way with my parents.  I can't believe we are heading into `preteen' territory!!

I hope that you've been having a good week.  Or, at least a week where you can find things to be thankful for.  As always....please share something that you appreciate today!



  1. Congratulations on your Disney Trip! That is so fantastic! Also a 29 min 5K outstanding! My best is a 32 min. Hoping to improve that once I get a hip injury healed up.

    1. Thank you Sarah! 32 minutes is great, too! Oh those injuries....tricky things! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  2. My youngest son held my hand when I walked him to school in grade four and I remember telling myself,
    "remember this" & "cherish this" as it will not last much longer. And it didn't. That was the last year of crawling in bed with us in the morning too. Now I don't get more than awkward hugs from my sons occasionally and only if I initiate it. I have seen some other grown children give their mothers big hugs though, so there are some boys who show physical affection to their parents. Anyway...enjoy it while it lasts!! I have two of three sons coming home for Easter and the other one is too far away to come home while in the middle of exams and papers. Happy Easter to you all.

    1. Totally a similar age Carol (Kai is in gr.3). I'm hoping that Koen will hold my hand longer as he's a `physical touch' kind of guy, we'll see! Have a wonderful Easter with your family!

  3. Congrats again on your trip!!! I went to VanDusen gardens at Christmas a few years back, and I LOVED it...go at Christmas!! What is ball hockey? I have heard of it...just don't know what it is...I want to go to Fly Over Canada. Maybe this summer. Have a great wknd.

    1. Ball hockey is like ice hockey but on pavement instead of ice! So they just use runners (instead of skates) and balls (instead of pucks). Much cheaper too ;)

  4. SO excited for you guys and this trip - how AWESOME and emotional that surprise must have been!!! (as a side note, there must have been one person who spoke poorly since you said 99.9% of people have been supportive...sorry you had to have a debbie downer rain on your parade. i hope you're able to release that and focus on the 99.9%!!!)
    It's always worth celebrating an improved run time - well done!!!

    1. Thank you, Kelly. Yes, so many supportive people! I'm a people pleaser so I often care too much what people think about me but there's no raining on my parade :) I do struggle with some guilt of winning something so great when I know that there are others that could use it more...maybe that's just normal. Regardless, super thankful for this experience for my kids!