Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Goodbye Walt Disney World!

We are leaving for the airport at 3 am to head home. The kids are all in bed and I'm just packing everything up.  I just wanted to share some of the feelings running through my head:

-I cannot believe we won this trip and were able to do this for free (okay, about $1500.00 after Nya's flight, parking, Gary's work etc).  It was such a great experience for us as a family.  Over and over I just thought, `How did this happen?!'.

-This resort (Animal Kingdom Lodge) is amazing.  The service, grounds (views!), pool, food etc.

-I loved having a $600 Disney card to pay for all of our meals (and we had $100 left over for the kids to buy some souvenirs!)

-I think 6 days would be ideal for visiting Walt Disney World.  We would've loved to have spent a whole day at a waterpark and also to have visited the Magic Kingdom for another day.  We were in the parks for 4 days.

-it was hard getting up at 5 am two days in a row to tape Breakfast Television, especially because we arrived on the first day at 2 am.  Gary was sick for the last 24 hours with vomiting so it was a really tiring day for all of us. He gets quite sick with changes to his routine (sleeping/eating/weather) and it hit him hard.  Also, because my kids don't nap, we couldn't push them to go back out again in the evenings.  Totally fine, just long days.

-If I were to put the parks in order of how much we, as a family, loved them, I would say (from greatest to least): Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and finally Epcot.

-Super thankful to Breakfast Television and West Jet for making this possible.

-I loved seeing how the kids enjoyed meeting the characters.  It totally surprised me how all three of our kids loved it so much.

-Our kids are great ages for a Disney experience.

-I was proud of the boys on the rides.  Koen, at just six, did the Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

-I'm sad that my camera fell off a hook in the bathroom and I damaged my 24-70mm lens.  I'm hoping it's just aesthetic damages.

-The transport system was so helpful and easy to figure out (each Resort has bus stops to every park).

-We have a lot of unpacking to do.

-I hope our travel day goes well tomorrow.

-I love fast passes.  I can't imagine waiting over an hour for a ride!

-My fitbit had about 19,000 steps each day.

-The kids did so well with the hot, busy, early, long days.  So, so well.

I will blog about our trip more later but thank you so much for following and supporting us on here, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  I'm going to take a melatonin and hope to fall alseep for our looooong travel day in just a few hours (first fly to Toronto and then fly to Vancouver).


PS You can  bet that I will enter every single contest for a trip from now on!


  1. Loved following along and praying for safe and easy travels tomorrow! And OH NO!! Your lens!!! That stinks! My favorite pictures are of Nya and yourself, you both look absolutely joy filled. Now get home, we've missed you!! ;)

  2. Sounds like a great time (except for Gary being sick yesterday and the camera drop) Hope your long travel day goes well - You are going to be so close to me while at Pearson Airport in Toronto! A little cooler here than Orlando!

  3. soooooo awesome! I am SO glad you all got to go on this trip together!!! LOVE Koen's face in the roller coaster pic! :D YAY! hope your travels home are going well :)

  4. My daughter was beside me as I was reading your blog & said "What, Sophia's real!?"