Thursday, March 26, 2015

FlyOver Canada {Review}

Thursday morning we went to Canada Place to experience FlyOver Canada.  It is a flight simulation ride complete with wind, mist and scents!  Children need to be at least 40" to ride so we went in two shifts so that Gary and I could take turns watching Nya.

The nice thing is that the show is year round, 10 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week.  There was even a covered heated waiting area for comfort.

I was worried that the boys might be a bit scared during the ride but they both handled it really well and enjoyed themselves.  It's a thirty minute experience with about 10 minutes of it in `flight'.  We did AboveUSA first and it was so cool to see the Las Vegas strip as we were there just last week!  AboveUSA  will be playing alongside FlyOver Canada until April 12th.  We then  stayed in our seats for the feature presentation; FlyOver Canada.

 As a person who has been all the way to the East Coast twice, it was cool to recognize different parks and cities as we flew over them.  I did not see much (or anything?!) from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI, but Newfoundland and Gros Morne National Park were gorgeous.

Kai and Koen enjoyed waving to the kayakers and fishermen as we flew over the rivers.  You could even smell the forest and feel the spray of Niagara Falls!

{I wasn't allowed to take a photo from inside so here is one from}

It's cheaper to book online and right now there is a Spring Break special of 25% off for students and youth until April 3rd.  Kai gave it an 8/10 and Koen gave it an V/Z.  Yes, V out of Z.  If you didn't get a chance to travel this Spring Break, you might want to check it out to get the travel experience!  Kai was pretty pumped to say that he has now seen an iceberg.  Gary and I enjoyed it but it was definitely more exciting for the kids.

If you've been, I'd love to hear your feedback!  


*Disclaimer: We were provided with tickets to review FlyOver Canada and opinions are our own. *


  1. I've heard of this and really want to try it! I was really looking forward to the Soarin' Over California ride in Disneyland (I think it might also be rated a V/Z) but it was closed while we were there.

    1. Ha, I love that you used Koen's rating :) One day you'll have to try it!