Monday, March 30, 2015

Minnie Monday

Just a quick little update (in case you didn't know, we just won a trip to Disney World): 

-We will find out the details of our trip (where we are staying, when we appear on the news, Gary's work response, and Nya coming) by the end of this week.  Hopefully then I can share more because right now I don't know much except that we leave in a few weeks!

-Do you know how stressful a skill testing question is to get a prize?  No calculators. No help.  I made myself do it three times to make sure it was right.

-By Sunday, my body recovered from the adrenaline/happy stress of winning. 

-I spent some time going through the Disney World website to learn about the parks, resorts, weather/clothes, food etc.  Being informed always helps me feel less overwhelmed.  The one downfall of a trip so soon is that it is likely we'll be unable to book something like a breakfast with princesses for Nya as they book quite far in advance. 

-We're only doing this trip once so I want to make sure we get everything we can out of it!  The boys are definitely excited about the rides (the waterparks are AMAZING, you can snorkel with sharks!) and Nya is so eager to meet characters. 

-Although this is a `free' trip, I know there will be a lot of expenses so we're trying to approach this wisely.  I know, I'm the fun police.  This is the conversation between Gary and I:
`Let's go out for dinner to celebrate!'
`Actually, that will be about $100.  Let's just eat at Costco.'
`Well, we have leftovers.  Let's just eat them and go out for ice cream'
`Let's just get a donut once the kids are in bed.'.
From $100 down to $2.09 in a minute.

{Okay, a tad overload on the Disney but she going to loooooove it!  I bought the ears for $4.00 at the Disney Store this weekend as they had  sale. The rest of the stuffies are second hand or grandma's ;)}
Have a wonderful week!
PS If I could ask for your thoughts and prayers:
-That Nya is able to come along and that adding her in on the prize is not too stressful or costly. It's hard not knowing anything!
-Health.  Nya is finally done her antibiotics for her chest infection and I would love for her to remain healthy until we get back.  I would love for all of us to be healthy, but especially the kids.


  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Really a prayer for a not costly price for your third child when you won a trip.... these are first world problems

    1. Anonymous, I hear you on that. It's just not a trip that we've budgeted for so an additional $2000.00 could be tricky for us (if it were to cost that much extra). Most importantly, I just hope it's not too difficult to have her added to the family trip. It's hard having some unknowns right now and I want to have her there with us. I would say a lot of the concerns I have are first world problems as that's where I live, but don't worry, I'm well aware of the big picture!