Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eight Important Items for a Road Trip With Preschoolers

We always carry this bin in our van for comfort and safety. Besides the usual books and toys on a road trip, these are some `must have' items that we keep stocked up.

Must have items on a road trip with preschoolers

Must Have Items for a Road Trip: 

1. Benadryl.  Please, please, please carry this on you. Nya has had three allergic reactions in her 2.5 years. The first time we were at a restaurant and had to rush out to buy some. The last two times, we had it on hand and we still don't know what she is allergic to. If you do not have any in your vehicle or home, please get some today.

2.  Baby wipes. Eve past the baby stage they are so great for messy hands and faces.

3.  Character bandaids.  Yes, we have a first aid kit in our van but these Tinkerbell ones make Nya feel a whole lot better than a regular one.

4.  Hand sanitizer. I like to use this on the kids after school, church, or play date. I know some germs are good for them but after the winter we've had with Nya, I think her immune system is working overtime already.

5.  Spare set of clothes. We only carry a spare set for our youngest but it has come in handy many times over the years.

6.  Snack. If you use it, replace it. Road trips are always better when stomachs are happy. Your wallet is also happier if you have snacks on hand.

7.  Pull ups. Nya is potty trained, but when she gets sick, I don't want to worry about an accident in her car seat if she falls asleep – this makes traveling less stressful.

8.  Sunscreen. Spring is here and summer is around the corner. My kids are freckly and pale so any sun exposure is very noticeable.  Take care of your skin!

Are there any  items that I am missing?

Have a great week, friends!


Eight "must have" items for a road trip with a preschooler.


  1. I have an allergy kid too... (Although we know what he is allergic to) and i have the quick dissolve tablets. less sticky and spilly than the liquid.