Monday, March 23, 2015

Green Lake 2015

Every Spring Break, we head up to my dad's `cabin' (house) at Green Lake near 100 Mile House.  We go with my sister Maria and her family which makes for 7 kids between the ages of 2.5-9 years old.  Gary and I had just come back from Las Vegas, and 24 hours later, we were already up at Green Lake!  Here's the post from last year, it's crazy to see how much Nya's hair has grown and how snowy it was last Spring Break.

The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and the adults just enjoyed some downtime.  Fortunately (for me!) the snow was gone so that it was a lot more comfortable to explore outside.  The kids usually love the snow for sledding but I think they enjoyed the quad just as much.

Our trip was cut short as the cold that Nya has had for the past 2 weeks turned into a chest infection with a high fever that didn't go away after three days (reached 40C/104F ).  I ended up taking her to the 100 Mile House hospital on the second day and they were so wonderful there.  Great nurse and doctor and there was no wait.  She was given a prescription for antibiotics but I asked if it was okay to wait a day or two to see if she could fight it on her own.  I just don't want to wipe out all the progress we've made on her digestive health.  Unfortunately, this has made for a grumpy/tired/sick Nya so we had to cancel the Williams Lake portion of our trip. I was so looking forward to visiting friends there but the good news is that they will be there for a while so I'm sure we'll have another chance to go visit!

{Throwing rocks on the ice, breaking up ice, making an ice castle...}

{Always someone to play with!}

{We went for a short hike up Mt. Begbie}

{Poor Nya not feeling so hot for movie night}

{I love that the house is right on the lake.  It's beautiful.}

{We also did a walk in 100 Mile House through Centennial Park}

{There's a great playground and hills to roll down too.}

{The benefit of having two families there is that you can escape with another adult.  I went on a run with Maria one morning and Gary and I went quad-ding on another day. Wish I could get video as we went through the bush but I didn't want to lose my phone.}

We had a great time together.  I love that our kids all get along so well.  Hopefully next year everyone is healthy!  By the way, if you are ever interested in renting Green Lake, it does get rented out and you can check it out here.

I hope you all had or are having a good Spring Break!  I look forward to checking a few things off the `To Do' list this week.  It's good to be home.



  1. Oh, Louise, I am sorry to hear about Nya. I hope she gets better soon. I have been to Centennial Park, and I love it. Did you see the Chasm?

  2. What a great tradition, I love it :)