Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.   Community on facebook.  Seriously.  If I have a question about anything, I can get the opinions of those I trust!  This week?  I was curious about the Ninja Ultra Kitchen System.

PS I got one.  I love the single serve option.  I don't have to clean a large blender and a cup. 

2. My FitBit encouraging me.  It's funny but when it vibrates (when I reach a goal) or calls me a champ or sends me a badge, I love it.  Now if it could only do that when I do other awesome things like make a good meal.

3.  Our two Korean students.  I was nervous having two 16 year old boys join us for 3 weeks but I think they are great.  It's a little extra work (laundry, driving, grocery shopping) but the boys love it. Nya calls them Jae and Gumball (Young Jae and Yeung Beom).  They have given themselves new English names; Mike and Jack.

4. Great kids to do daycare for.  I do daycare twice a week.  Once for my nieces and once for two other girls.  These are my nieces and when they come over, it's great.  Nya has so much fun! I could definitely never do daycare full time. Ever.

5.  Saving $.  We started the Power Smart challenge almost a year ago.  They challenge you to save 10% over one year and they will give you $75.00.  Not only did we save on our bill but we will probably win the extra $75 too.

6.  Nya's squishy hugs.  She will often say, `Mommy, I need a hug!' `Mommy, I need a cuddle!'.  She loves to be held. 

7.  Koen's LeapPad.  We try to limit it's usage to one hour a day but I love that it's educational.  Nya loves it too.  Had I known about it earlier, I would have gotten one for Kai when he was younger.

8.  Organization.  I know I've been thankful for these lockers before but I really love them. Functional, cute, and affordable!!  Now I'm Pinteresting away trying to figure out how to make a long white desk 10 feet long with some storage for the other wall.  We need a work station for Gary and I as right now it's a bit cluttered.  If you have any ideas, send them my way! I'm thinking Ikea again...

9.  Nya's health.  It is so good to see `her' again.  Happy, silly, energetic.  Every day it reminds me of the parents and children that have to go through long term illnesses like cancer.  It puts it in perspective how minor her illness was and I just can't imagine seeing your child so down for so long.

10.  A hard working husband.  He works full time as a teacher and is currently in basketball season coaching senior boys.  He has basketball about 5 nights/days a week.  Saturdays and Sundays too.  There isn't a whole lot recognition and appreciation for a coach, especially when their team is not doing well.  I'm proud of him for continuing to give so much to it, I know it can't be easy. I totally look forward to the day when he can coach our kids.  I hope they want to play!

I hope you are having a good week.  I'm starting to feel a bit tired having 5 kids in our home but it does force me to meal plan for the week which has been so awesome and helpful.

As always, please share something that you are thankful for today!



  1. I love your collage on top of the storage area! I have 2 walls Im working on doing with smaller canvases and framed photos, & I really like the black and white approach.

    Congrats on marching further than the penguins, and for thankful thursday - Im thankful that the car seat we were going to buy this weekend (for our 2nd car) is on sale from $170 to $99 :)

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    our kids. a full week away in the sun was perfect and much needed, but our kids are awesome and so great to come home to them! :) - Adrienne

  3. Good job on the power saving! I can't get over how much money it is for just a condo, however those graphs and the online stuff confuses me so i'm not nearly as on top of monitoring it as I could be... I also don't really have the patience to do that!
    nya is so cute!

  4. good job lousie... love you

  5. I think this is the first time I've seen Gary comment...I"m pretty sure that counts as working on your marriage ;)

    1. Kelly-I think you're right! Look at us starting the year off right :)