Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy Birthday Koen

Today we celebrated Koen's birthday as a family.  Six years ago we welcomed this 9 lb 7 oz baby (10 days early) via C-section.  He adds such a wonderful dose of goofiness to our family.  I will add more to that once I take his six year old photos.  

Our family has been sick for weeks.  Almost 3 weeks now.  I was nervous because Koen had a fever yesterday but today he seemed fine.  They started with swimming lessons and they both passed!  Kai is now in Swim Kids 4 and Koen in Swim Kids 2. 

Koen's gift from us was a table top Foosball game and a game that he could choose to download on his Leap Pad.

I had won passes to Science World a couple of months ago and so we used them today.  Nya wasn't 100% so she stayed on the Ergo on my back for most of it.  The boys LOVE Science World.

{How long is your intestine?}

{Rotating climbing wall}

{Seaweed snack break}

{Kisses from Koen under the mistletoe}

{Bernoulli Basketball, pretty cool, right?!}

Koen weighs almost as much as a Giant Pacific Octopus (he's 50 lbs).  Our entire family weighs as much as a tiger, in case you were wondering.

The hard part about a birthday on January 2nd is everyone is sugared and partied out.  I threw this cake together yesterday so pretend it's decorated nicely.  Yes, the candles are `3' plus 3 individual ones.  And yes, my 6 year old son requested a `Hello Kitty' cake.  When his swimming teacher asked him if he loved Superheroes, he said `no' (she wanted him to swim like one).  She asked what he did like.  He said `Stuffies'.  She told him to swim like a Stuffy :)

We ended the day with the Birthday Bumps and I wish I wasn't holding his legs so that I could've gotten a picture of his face. Pure joy.  

We love our Koen.  He is our sensitive, goofy, energetic, and creative cuddle buddy.

Happy birthday, Koey.  We love you.



  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    He is looking more like Kai these days and I love his hair. Hello Kitty...who would have thought? Love the pic of you and Koen under the mistletoe. That rotating rock wall is AWESOME - I think I should put one in my house. You should too. It would look perfect right where your new coat locker thingy is. Nice work on that, by the way. - Ali

    1. Ali-so right!! It doesn't help that I dressed Kai and Koen the same! I had to look twice to see who it was on the climbing wall! Hello Kitty, so funny, but I'm proud of him because he's such a follower so in this way he's definitely branching out on his own! Thanks about the coat locker, not as fancy as Mr. Handy could do but pretty decent for Gary :)

  2. Wonderful portrayal of your sweet little man. He is such a cute kid. Happy Birthday Koen!

    1. Thanks Caryn!! I'm a fan of him :) Hope you are doing well! Whenever I'm at swimming lessons I think of you.