Monday, January 26, 2015

Run and Beach Fun

Sunday was a busy day!  I had just gotten over the flu and was going to run the first of the MEC Race Series in Langley.  I wasn't sure how my body would do since I felt very weak on Friday and Saturday.  I had three smoothies on Saturday to try to build my body back up.  I woke up on Sunday feeling about 80% and was ready to go.  Fortunately I had signed up for the shorter distance, 5 km, so worst case scenario, I would just walk it.  By the way, these races are chip timed and only $15!  I will definitely sign up for another one.

The weather was great!  It was overcast and about 13C.  I probably should have worn a long sleeved shirt but I didn't want to overheat.  We ran around and through Williams Park.

While I was running, the five kids played at the playground.

They missed me coming in.  I finished just before the 30 minute mark which I'm happy about considering I've only been training for 3 weeks and I was so sick last week.  I placed 12th out of about 60 women in the 5 km race.  Not bad for an old lady, right? 

Koen was probably the most excited to cheer for me.  Kai was just throwing a football around and Nya, well, she's an interesting character these days!  She's pretty moody and just wants to be carried everywhere.

We walked around Williams Park for a bit.  I may have overthrown Kai's BC Lions football and it may have gone straight into the rushing river.  There was no chance of retrieving it.  He was pretty upset, but to be honest, it was a good example for talking about loss and what's really important.  He had even gone so far to say that it was the worst thing that had ever happened in his life.  If that is true, wow, what an amazing life he has led!

When we got home, I downed another smoothie and did a super duper short mini photo session for my sister and her family.  

We had lunch and then it was off to White Rock Beach with our students.  It was so nice outside, it was the perfect place to take them. 

All of the kids could have just stayed there in the muddy sand looking for crabs but we `forced' them to walk to the pier.

Gary and I (without makeup).  I have realized that 5 kids would be too much for us mostly because of our vehicle.  I don't like have 7 people crammed into a minivan.  It's pretty stressful with Koen and Kai fighting non stop as they have to sit next to one another for everyone to fit nicely.  I guess if that's the main problem, you would just get a bigger vehicle?

Then, we went to McDonald's for McFlurry's.

I think we were all feeling pretty tired by the time we got home:)  I definitely desire a little more downtime next Sunday!

Our friends are with us for one more week and then they will be heading home to Korea.  I know our boys would love to have new students but I think the next friend that will be joining us will be our foster child! We're getting so much closer as we are on to the Home Study...FINALLY.

I hope you had a great weekend.  What's one fun thing that you did?



  1. Holy moly - what a busy Sunday!!! Good for you for doing so much in one day!!!

    1. Usually we like our Sundays to be restful but this was all fun stuff :)

  2. very well done on your run - that is awesome! Certainly a full day...which is so nice every once in a while, but I too, like quiet, restful Sundays when possible :)
    One fun thing? Not sure there was much fun on our weekend agenda because of Alf's work schedule, but I did enjoy another 10k run on Sunday in the sunshiiiiine :)

    1. OH man, one day I'll be able to say I enjoyed a 10km run :) The sunshine was awesome!!

  3. Oh man! A $15 timed run sounds appealing...going to check it out. I wonder if they do trail runs?

  4. Good for you on your run! And yay for starting to feel better! :)

    I have five kids and we had to downsize our 8-seater van to a 7-seater due to what was available at the time...and I miss having that extra seat. My boys fight when they are too close as well. And it means that we can't drive friends around much either.

  5. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Beach ? Jealous. We went sledding.