Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Quick Getaway to Harrison Hot Springs

This was our fourth family trip to Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa. We first went when Nya was 3 months old and love going back one or two times a year.  I love it because it's close and we all love the pools.  This year we surprised the kids with it and I would say that they aren't the best with surprises.  I think we all like the anticipation part of a trip.

Unfortunately, as has happened in the past, we had sick kids.  Kai and I had just finished with a stomach flu and while there, Koen and Nya started with some other stomach bug.   This definitely put a damper on our time there but we still used the pools (Koen only once), played at the playground, ate pizza on the beach and just spent a lot of time relaxing.

I have a hard time playing with the kids in regular pools because I get so cold. The hot springs are nice and warm and we all love them.

I had to buy a new bathing suit because my other ones were too big.  This coming year I plan on toning up a bit and hopefully getting myself back into a two piece :)

Last night Gary went swimming with Kai.  It's always fun night swimming in a warm pool!  Then Kai and I watched a movie that they had playing.  

It was a long night with Nya and Koen not feeling very well.  This morning Kai spent time in the pool with me and then Gary did a shift with him.  Nya went in for a while too.  She LOVES jumping in.

Koen spent a lot of time just resting :(  Oh the reality of trips with kids in the winter.....

And now we're home getting caught up on laundry while the two littlest hold their buckets, nap and watch tv.  

I'm sad that we've had sickness in our home for so long.  Kai missed his last week of school and now it looks like Koen and Nya will miss Christmas with my side of the family tomorrow :(

I hope you are having a healthy start to the week!



  1. i love nya's little dimples in that swimming pic!!! too cute!!

  2. Those are very big buckets!

  3. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Oh man, such a bummer with sick kids over the holidays. I so hope they are feeling better soon - and that Gary doesn't get it!!! Merry Christmas Louise!!! - Ali

  4. So sorry for the sickness :( :( :(
    Our kids are bad with surprises too! And our kiddos are sick too, but with colds, nothing tummy-related thankfully. We are hosting so I think our family will just have to wash their hands lots and deal with it, lol!
    praying for health for your family!
    Oh, and aside from the sickness, looks like a fun time away! :)