Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Getaway

So, either I don't get out much or Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa is pretty awesome! I had such a good time! Maybe it's because I didn't do any work for 24 hours:) We only went for one night but that's all we needed. It' s just over an hour away and we were able to check in 4 hours early and get our full usage out of the pool.
There were two queen beds for us and then Nya slept in the playpen in the large walk in closet. It even had a door so I'd say she had her own room:)
{We also went to the beach on the first day, just a 5 minute walk away}

There are 5 pools there and they are so nice and warm. One was a bit cooler, but ya, so nice! The water comes from the hotspring so that's why it was so warm and had a different chemical makeup to it. It is soooooooooooooooo family friendly and yet, it could be a romantic getaway too (there is an adult only pool and there is one restaurant just for adults). Our trip wasn't so romantic:)
{The only thing that made me nervous was that Nya was going to poop in the pool. Once they're on solids, I trust swim diapers. Before then? Not so sure I can trust them! Anyone have experience with this?}
The pools are open from 8am until 10:30pm (and then even later for adults), so we definitely got our use out of them! Kai can now swim without any kind of flotation device. His rendition of the Butterfly is pretty hilarious. Koen swims using water wings but is pretty comfortable in the water. Nya was really good overall. She went in the pool a couple of times and napped well. She's been getting up once at night, usually around 4am, and that is totally fine with me!
It was totally worth the money. Normally I wouldn't spend more than $100 on a hotel but this one was $150 using Travelocity and I would rather spend more and have an awesome place for one night than to go for two nights and stay in a not so nice place. We brought our own lunch and breakfast and just went out for pizza for dinner. All together, with gas, our 2 day getaway was under $200.00. Once Nya is 3 we will likely be camping for most of our holidays, but for now, this was pretty great!
I'm really glad that I booked this. It was a birthday gift to myself:) I am now 34 years old. Really, all of the 30's have sort of been the same for me. This birthday made me think of my mom a bit more. A birthday is really almost more about the one who birthed you. Big thanks to my momma for pushing me into this world, it was not an easy birth, I know that:)
I am just feeling so incredibly thankful these days for all I have. Every time I look at Nya, I can't believe that she's part of our family. So, so thankful for everything. By the way, can I just say that I did not even think about how I looked in my bathing suit once? Times have changed! I think that when holding a baby and keeping your eye on two others, you don't have time to think about what you look like:)

Happy 34th birthday to me!
Love, Louise


  1. what FUN!!!! Looks like a great little getaway celebrating YOU :)
    Happy Birthday!

  2. So much happiness in these photos!

  3. Loove THAT SWIM SUIT! NYas.....your too?

  4. Your trip sounds fantastic! I'm so glad that you enjoyed your time.
    Happy Birthday!
    Also, love the new photos at the top of the blog.

  5. Happy Birthday Louise!

    As per your question about the swim diapers... it is an ongoing issue that we deal with at our pool, honestly before their poo is solid it is difficult to contain... the best you can do is layer a swim cover (plastic or the poly/cloth type) over a little swimmer, and then keep an eye on the baby. When you see the indicative red face hop out! Lol! But that is a difficult one. Usually with the layering of the two together you have a few minutes grace where it would contain it, before it would spread into the pool.

    Another "seal" that works is to put a thick layer of vaseline along the leg lines where the little swimmer leg holes are. It's waterproof and kind of make a seal. And most of all make sure the little swimmer is the smallest possible size that fits Nya. The tighter the better... of course not cutting off circulation!

    Hope that helps!

    Too much info? Sorry... I've unfortunately had to look into this quite a bit at my job.

  6. Caryn, your comment somehow disappeared so it's under my name as I reposted it. Of course I should've asked the expert (in swimming pools, not pooping)!
    I did put a swim cover over the swim diaper but good to know about the vaseline. I was basically staring at her face the whole time and checking her diaper non stop. Not relaxing but spared me any potential embarrassment!!