Thursday, December 04, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. The kids being crazy for Advent activities.  They seriously can't wait to get out of bed in the morning and we make them stay in until 6:30 am.  I just recycled most of the ideas from last year and they don't mind at all.

2.  A successful game night.  It can be tricky playing with Nya but we we gave her the job of `spinner' for the Bingo game and the boys were patient with her.  Kai doesn't love luck based games but he won anyway.  Koen was very pumped each time that one of his was called.  Nya just called `B45' each time.

3.  Our Fisher Price Nativity set.  Nya has learned that it's an angel, not a butterfly.  She's learned about baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  She's adamant that the wisemen are women because of their longer hair. 

4.  So many options to see Santa.  I didn't want to wait in the mall to see one so we just went to Port Kells Nursery.  We donated to the food bank and I took a picture.  Poor Nya, I really don't want to traumatize her.  Koen was very torn.  Was this really Santa?  Could Koen ask him for what he wanted? Koen, who is not shy, could not say a word and asked me to speak for him.

5. Dora time.  My down time.  There are so many on Netflix that we cancelled our kids shows on cable (saved us $10 to pay for Netflix).

6. Couches that are well used.  Oh these monkeys, I've got some wild ones!  We will replace our couches, ottoman, kitchen table/chairs, carpets once the kids are older :)

7.  Others crafting with my kids.  Nya gets to do these activities at Noah's Ark and at daycare once a week.  

8.  Finding a solution to Nya's eczema.  Koen used to have it very bad and although we tried coconut oil, Cerave, oatmeal baths, and Aveeno, nothing worked very well.  Well, my friend recommended this and I went for it.  It was pricey for me ($32) and I picked it up at Shoppers Drug Mart.  The problem is that her skin was raw and bleeding so the Aveeno made her scream in pain.  I used this on her and within 4-5 days, her skin was amazing.  Seriously, very, very good product.  Fragrance and paraben free.

9.  Something to keep my coffee warm.  I picked up this Contigo thermos from Costco.  Works so well on the go!  I save so much money making my own coffee at home and taking this with me. Also, when I remember I leave it in my purse to be a little more green.

10.  Size 10. Go me.  I've been 11/12 for years so this is fun!

11. Beer.  I took a long, long break from it due to reducing our carbs/sugars.  I'm thankful for our reunion.  I plan on having just a couple a week so we'll see how that goes!

12.  Morning Snuggles.  I love my family.  I'd like to sleep in more but at least I'm sleeping solidly from 11 pm to 6 am.  Nya joins us at 6 am most mornings and then proceeds to fake sleep with giant snoring sounds.  It's cute but not.

I hope you are having a great week!  As usual, please feel free to share something you are thankful for today!

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  1. #9: I have my favorite at-home and on-the-go mugs to keep my coffee warm for longer too :) Both stainless steel from Starbucks. I only use porcelain if I'm intentionally having coffee with a friend, or on Sunday mornings when I have less time to drink coffee ;)
    #10 - YES!!!!!! Isn't that just the best feeling???? Way to go!
    #11 - I am going to ask Alf to pick this up for me this weekend - it looks yummmmmy!

    1. #11 was good! It's from the Stanley Park pack :)

  2. Oh, one thing I'm thankful for: my Bath & Body Works soaps & lotion. A bit of a splurge but oh man, I do love them!

  3. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I was just having a conversation about "one day, when the kids are older, we'll replace all our worn furniture with nice new furniture. No stains, rips, tears, or "other" markings"
    I love your advent calendar idea, and also the family bed time. cute.


  4. I discovered Starbucks insulated travel mugs when Coby was a baby and have never looked back!

  5. I love those costco mugs too..
    I love banana (noticed your tag... :))
    I love the mirror on your wall.. where did you get it? I have been on the hunt for a while.

    1. Lauren, I was like `Banana???" got it, the pants :)
      No idea where the mirror is from, sorry! Had it for years!

  6. My parents still have a Christmas tree full of Sunday School craft ornaments :)