Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.  Compliments from my daughter.  I came downstairs in a dress and the boys didn't say a thing.  Nya? `MOMMY!!  YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOUR DRESS!'. 

2. My `helper'.  Okay, to be honest I do not like cooking dinner with anyone in the kitchen.  Our kitchen is small.  I don't love cooking.  I'm thankful when she is satisfied that she is helping by tasting the shredded cheese.

3.  Koen's Uniqueness.   Of course when you get a sticker from the doctor you put it on your head.   The kids all got their flu vaccine yesterday.  Not sure how effective it will be but better safe than sorry.  Thankful they got the nasal spray version.

4.  Finally realizing the importance of Gary's Sunday afternoon football watching/nap time.   I guess he deserves it after a very long week!  I often feel like `Come on! Let's do fun family things!' so I need to remember that we will have at least 2-3 hours of rest time in the afternoon and then I won't be disappointed.

5.  Family walks.  We do still bring a stroller for Nya so she can hop in if she gets tired.  Her asthma is pretty bad these days so often we put her in there to catch her breath once she starts coughing. I LOVE FRESH AIR. PS I know her jacket is huge but it was just $5 with a removable fleece jacket inside.  She can wear it for 2 years :)

6.  Nerdy family fun.  Hide and Go Seek In the Dark.  The kids love this so much.  Only the person that is `it' gets the flashlight and everyone gets to be `it' once.  Nya has been asking to play each night so we'll have to do it again in the next couple of weeks.  

7.  Living in a big city.  We are close to so many things (Costco!  Shopping Malls!  Home Depot! Restaurants!) and I love that there is a great hospital nearby if we need it.  This was when our little Nya Bear was born and this was my first look at my little peanut.

8. Playdough `worms'.  Yes, now all the colours are mixed together but at least it kept them busy.

9.  Funny kids.  
Me: Koen, we've turned the fireplace back on so don't touch it.
Koen: Did I touch it when I was little.
Me: Yes.
Koen: Did I die?


Three days ago:
Gary: Did you put the butter somewhere?
Me: No, I haven't touched it.

Me: Koen, why is there a block of  butter wrapped up under your Christmas tree?

10. Purple lids.  Nya is obsessed with purple.  At Costco, the 1% milk has a green lid.  She insisted rather loudly that we had to get one with a purple lid.  It was the same price so I did.  Pick your battles, people.  She loves her `purple milk'. 

All right, friends!  I hope that you have a great rest of the week.  Don't forget to think of a few things that you are thankful for today :)



  1. there's a nasal spray flu vaccine?! are adults eligible?! taking my kids early next week, hoping to get the nasal spray too!

    1. Beth, the nasal spray is a live vaccine but definitely way easier on the kids! I think it's only available to kids though.

    2. as nurses we are required to get the vaccine or wear a mask and one of my coworkers has anaphylaxis to the injectable one. She went last week to get the nasal one but required a prescription from the doc and she paid $5, I think her benefits covered some of it? I would think all adults are eligible but maybe you just need a prescription?

  2. purple milk! that kid cracks me up!

  3. Addison is always asking me for the purple milk because that's what I drink... but they're still on the mustard yellow lid (homo milk).

    I also love the, "Did I die?" cracked me up!

    1. Kelsey, so funny that Addison wants purple milk too!

  4. love lots of things in this post, but most of all, that first pic of Nya. SO great!!!