Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

The day before Christmas Koen and Nya were still not feeling well.  They spent the day resting and watching tv. 

Gary prepped some food for the get together with my side of the family (which has happened on Christmas Eve our whole lives).  He made beet cured salmon and some sweet potato lentil patties.

I just took Kai to my sister's house and Gary stayed home with the youngest.  Can you believe it was nice enough out that the kids could play outside?

Five sisters.  

Gary brought the two youngest during present time.  Limited sharing of germs and at least Nya and Koen could participate a little.

Nya loved getting her princess tiara, wand and ring.  The ring I'm wearing is a special one I got after my mom passed away.  It's the ring my dad bought my mom after I was born (they waited a long time for me!).

Koen really wanted a `Hello Kitty' for Christmas.  

All the grandkids.

Most of us minus Joanne's girls and their families.

We had to miss the Christmas Eve service as Nya was just not happy or well.  So we went home early.  The next morning, the kiddos woke up to get their presents from Santa.  They each got a Mixel in their stocking from him.

Nya slept in (she never does) so we knew she still wasn't feeling well.

Koen got a `new to him' LeapPad.

I got the traditional chocolates, socks and underwear.  Gary used to let the boys choose the underwear but I'd rather have him choose as I'm not into bright orange ones like the ones I got Christmas 2012.

I got Nya a whole bunch of Dora books/movies/cd's in brand new condition for under $5 (from a facebook Bidding Wars group).  

The boys made each other drawings/colouring.

I love reading `Diary of a Wimpy Kid' with Kai.  We read through the first 50 pages and it's hilarious because the mom is all about educational games and bonding over road trips.  This hits a bit close to home ;) 

My friend Lisa got a mug like this (real beaker with handle) a while back and I wanted one.  Little did I know that Gary got one for me!  I was surprised that he hid it from me so I even had a tear or two, I love it!  I also got a $100.00 gift card from Hunni's which I spent on boxing day (40% off everything!). 

Kai Bear got his own climbing harness so he can go with Gary any time.

Nya cheered up a bit.

Koen got the game `Jenga'.

And then Kai and Gary made us crepes for breakfast.

On Boxing Day, I went shopping quickly for an hour (well, 45 minutes was in line) and bought three items from Hunni's.  I felt a bit rushed so hopefully I spent my gift card well.  Then we went to the Chapman Christmas festivities.

Grandma and Grandpa have a hot tub which the kids love.  I even joined them this year.

Uncle Todd brought some snow that was leftover from his Christmas morning surprise for the family.  Koen rolled in it and then jumped into the hot tub.  There were also multiple snowballs thrown at me.

Gary's side of the family has older cousins so Kai enjoys the `boy time'.

Nya cuddled with her big cousins.  They're so great with her. She's now struggling with another respiratory virus :(

We opened just a few presents and enjoyed eating together. I LOVE that I felt so comfortable with the amount of gifts over the holiday this year.  Totally an appropriate amount in my opinion.  I don't like just giving gifts to give gifts.  I like purpose and desire and usefulness.

It was a great Christmas spread out over three days.  I'm thankful that Gary and I have families nearby to celebrate with and our very own little family.  The next week will be spent on some odds and ends around the house, a trip to Science World (Christmas gift for the kids which I actually won!), swimming lessons, and a photo session.  Perfect.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Looking forward to sharing my 2015 goals this coming week.  Gary's not as into the goal making as I am...are you?



  1. Love that picture of Nya!! Glad she cheered up a bit :)

  2. Love how special the chosen gifts are - very attentive to personalities.

    I am making goals, just not sure how to define them and if I'll make them public...although that is part of blogging ;) tomorrow is the start...

  3. Hi Louise
    Super adorable family! Very nice creative photos, you're really talented :)