Monday, November 11, 2013

The Philippines

We did take time to reflect today for Remembrance Day.  

However, over the last few days,  many of my thoughts have been with those in the Philippines.

They have experienced so much loss and hardship in the few months since we have been there. A ferry sinking. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake, and now, a super typhoon with an estimated 10,000 people dead.  Along with that is the major destruction of homes and lack of food and water.   The coverage on tv is heartbreaking.

Our kids LOVED the Philippines and ask to go back several times a week.  The people are so friendly and it is a beautiful place.

In this photo, we were on Bohol island (where the earthquake epicenter was).  Behind us in the photo are all of the people that worked along the beach and knew Nya by name.  
Our friends, Jen, Andre and Ella are safe as they are on furlough in Canada right now.   That was Kai and Koen's first concern; `Is Ella okay?'.  However, obviously they are worried about their loved ones back home and it's hard for them to be away.
I have posted this on fb too but if you are interested in donating, here are just a couple of easy and safe links as every single bit counts.  Every dollar counts.

Red Cross

Salamat (thank you).

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  1. I had been thinking about your friends. The news coverage certainly is heartbreaking and for you, having recently been there, it must be compounded. We gave a donation yesterday through Samaritan's Purse.