Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for....

1.  The fact that kids are so easily amused.  This was THE funniest thing ever to them.  Take a look at the second picture as I zoomed in to the yellow m+m.  Koen thought this was hilarious that he was upside down.

2.  Piles of Laundry.  This is one I need to remind myself of...especially since my kids (and husband) go through so much laundry and have so many stains.   My loved ones are nearby.  This is on my laundry room wall.  
3. Football games on a crisp fall evening.  Gary and the kids played while I had a mini session at Stewart Farms.  There were 3 other sessions going on there at the same time!  I love, love, looooooove seeing my kids running around in the fresh air.
4.  Movie and (frozen costco pizza because i'm cheap) pizza night!  We've been doing much better at being unplugged from 4:30-6:30 pm each night so we can just be with the kids 100% .  Yes, watching a movie might not count but when you end up all cuddled together giggling over a movie, it's good.  It was Monsters Inc.  Hey, not sure why gary is on the computer....
5. Playdates with sisters.  It rarely happens that we can all be together as we have two full time nurses but it ended up that we could on a Monday.  My dad also joined us which was nice!  These kiddos are great as are their siblings.
6. Gary's parents who enjoy going to our kids events.  Here they came for Koen's Grandparents Day at preschool where Koen is still rocking out his amazing singing skills.  Koen thought he looked very handsome.  I agree:)
7.  The song `It is well with my soul'.  It reminds me of my mom because she faced her illness and the fact that she would never meet her grandkids (other than Ani) or see 3 of her kids get married with such a great attitude.  She was thankful for what she did have.  I have it printed and in our kitchen.  The song was written after the composer lost his 4 daughters when a ship they were travelling on sunk.  I want this sung at my funeral too.  By the way, there are so many free printables on Pinterest.  You can just print them up at Costco for less than a dollar!  
8.  Meal Planning: Take 2.  We had another system but it took up room on our counter so let's see if this Martha Stewart adhesive that we can put on our fridge does the trick!  I bought this in a moment of panic as I was trying to buy lightscribe DVD's at Staples and not lose Nya and Koen.  
9. Toddlers in undies.  So cute.  I'm in the depths of potty training so must focus on the cute side :)  
10.  Sleepers with zippers. One of the things I would do differently, from when Kai was little, is I would ONLY buy sleepers with zippers.  SO MUCH FASTER.  Why would I want to fight and try to get every button matched up in a diaper change at 4 am or with a wiggly 17 month old at bedtime. 

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!

I'm just doing one session per week and teaching one day per week so I am able to get to all the things that I've been putting off for so long around our home. It feels good.  Now if I could only get motivated to exercise more....

Love, Louise


  1. I love looking forward to this post on Thursdays. I think Steve and I need to adopt the "unplugged" time strategy too.

  2. Fantastic! Love it all!
    I never thought about using those free printables on pinterest and getting them done at costco! Genius!
    I've got a meal planning paper pad that I got from chapters and I love it! It sticks to my fridge too!

  3. Love you idea of being unplugged in the evenings, going to do that here more! I think her winters pjs are adorable.