Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

1.  Garbage bag in the van.  I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous but Gary has always been against it and he would rather take garbage out of the van each time.  I never have hands free to remove garbage so it piles up.  So, after almost 9 years of marriage, I am now 'allowed' to have a garbage bag because our van has a holder for it.  Ahhhhh.  So great.

2. Itsy Bitsy Spider book.   Nya gets one book on the potty and this is now in the rotation.  I was soooooo sick of Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon.  We giggle on this page every time because the insect has an ice cream cone.

3.  Costco's Return Policy.  So great.

4.  My grey boots. Love them.

5. Flannel Sheets. This is another thing that Gary was not for but I tried it out and we love it. We love our bedroom cold so this is a great way to stay warm in the winter!

6. New crafty ideas.  I don't love doing crafts with my kids but Koen had this idea and it was fun.  If you do this, it's easier to use vehicles without tread in regards to cleaning:)

7.  Nya's voice.  So cute.  She has taken to saying `Daddy. Are you?'  `Mommy. Are you?' `Bubi. Are you?' (meaning where are you?).

8. Cute pictures of my kids.  I love walking by them multiple times a day...remembering their sweetness on sometimes more difficult days.

9.  Ladies Morning Out.  One great thing about being a work at home mom is being able to go to Bible Studies/women's groups.  If anyone is looking for one, we meet on a weekday morning and there is childcare and coffee and snacks:)  Oh ya and if you want, there is a running group from 9-9:30.  Email me!   On that note, if anyone is interested in trying out a church, come to ours!  Link is here. If you have kids, the kids program is amazing.

10.  A new vacuum.   I didn't realize how bad ours was until I saw how much I could collect in this canister:)  There is something very satisfying about emptying out a whole canister full of dust and debris.  Not my favourite way to spend money but I did save $50 on it.

I hope you are having a great week!
Love, Louise

PS Thank you to those that have commented or emailed me about my thankful thursday posts. I appreciate it!


  1. I always look forward to your Thankful Thursday posts. Such a good reminder to be thankful for all the little and big things in our lives.

  2. Anonymous1:09 PM

    It has been fun to see how the little things pop up on your top 10 (ie - the garbage bag and vacuum in particular). Do you find that you notice more during the week ("Oh yeah, I should add that!") or is it a "It's Thursday!" type of exercise? I assume with the pictures there is more forethought. Anyway, I love it! This morning I was thankful for a heated underground parking garage. Cheers, Tia

    1. Tia, I think of them during the week but usually do the photos on one day :)

  3. Love the garbage bag! My mom had the same rule as Gary :)

  4. 1. i love having one too. no special hook for it, but we have a place for it to hang low and out of the way.
    4. I tried those on today! (Sears?) They were sooo nice, but my fashion consultant said there were too many buckles ;)
    5. I loooove flannel sheets for winter :) Thankfully, hubby allows them too.
    9. I have my ladies bible study monday mornings. So great :)
    10. I want a new one! :)

    1. Kelly, I think I got mine at shoe warehouse and they may have too many buckles but I love having grey ones, so hard to find! Love that you have a 'fashion consultant'!

  5. Costco is pretty great isn't it?! I just got a two pack of fleece lined leggings for around the house for $12!! So fantastic for these cold Albertan winters!