Sunday, November 03, 2013

Potty Training Nya

**Based on the title you can tell that this is a post about a toddler being potty trained and will not be interesting to the general public!  I don't think I've ever said `poo and pee' in a blog post so much so ya, just warning you.  It's for those who have expressed interest!**

All right, we are 3 days in to potty training Nya.  How is it going?

First of all, I'm not doing this because I'm a crazy woman or something.  I'm doing this because for the most part, Nya has pooped on the toilet since she was 6 months old whenever I put her on.  I would say that about 80-90% of poops were on the toilet already, but they were when I put her on.  If you are considering EC, try it.  See how your child does.  It saves a lot on diapers AND it's supposed to help with constipation and diaper rashes.  I potty trained the boys at 2.5 years old-ish so this is new territory to me.

So, what was our strategy?  Well, for those of you that have potty trained before, you know it's a time that requires patience and a lot of time at home.  Due to the fact that we do need to do things outside the home for about 3 hour chunks of the day, we just put her in a diaper right now when we go out.  At home though, she is naked from the waist down. Ideally, it would be nice if it was summer time because she's kinda freezing.  We put a diaper on her for her nap and at night.

So, how is she doing? Well, we put a potty in the bathroom so that she can run and do it whenever she wants.  She loves the potty and on the first day, she pooped way more than normal.  Not sure how she did it but each time she went, she was very successful.  She peed on the floor twice as she didn't understand when she had to pee.  She also went to the potty every time she had to fart which was apparently a lot that day.   I feel very confident that she will always poop on the toilet.

Yesterday she had several successful `just pees' on the toilet which was big.  She also peed on the toilet several time today, once even at church but I had to ask her if she had to go.   However, she is scared of other people's toilets and tonight refused to pee on the toilet at our friends house.

Unfortunately her favourite part is `wiping' which is just messy and she often will scream if I don't let her wipe a million times.  Really, she is just trying to get as much toilet paper in the potty as possible.  It drives me crazy.

So that's where we are.  I was just planning on trying it and then stopping if it wasn't successful but she's doing quite well!   I'm going to continue and hopefully she'll have the peeing part down consistently by the end of the week.  We'll see!

Oh, and her treat for using the potty is a chocolate chip but she doesn't seem as motivated by them.  I don't even know if she really gets that part.   She just likes the clapping that I do afterwards:)


  1. So jealous! Noah is scared of the potty :(

  2. Addison never required a treat! Her thing was being able to use the foaming soap and apparently that was enough! I eventually moved to smarties because my Mom made me. Haha. Glad it's working! Oh and the using as much toilet paper as possible doesn't go away... I still have to supervise Addison!

  3. Kelsey, yes!! She loves washing her hands which is also annoying because she wants to wash them for a very long time and she can't reach so I have to hold her. I sound like a complainy pants, I guess I should focus on the positives!

  4. Love the potty shots :) Great work Nya!