Monday, November 25, 2013


If I wasn't such a chicken I would go flying with my dad.   He flies often and pretty much any sunny day.  He sends me pictures that make me want to go up but I won't.  I think three of my sisters have done it but I just can't.  He has a GoPro mounted under the plane so I get shots like these...Gary is planning on going up to take photos one day but so far it's been hard to find free time to do so.  Also, I'm kind of okay with that because I will feel so sick with him in the air.

{this is from this morning off of the Broken Group near Ucluelet/Bamfield off Vancouver Island}

Last week, my dad flew into Langley airport and biked to our house (he has a collapsible bike in the back of his plane).  Yup, he's crazy like that.  When we drove him back to the airport, Nya and Koen each got a chance to `drive' the plane.
Joanne (my dad's wife) pointed out that Koen is very similar to my dad and it was a sudden realization for me.  It is so true.  I've often wondered where he got his personality from and I see a lot of my dad in there. Eager, friendly, impulsive, immersed in activities and not seeing what's going on around him, chatty, sensitive, confident.  

Hope you are having a good week.  I've got a Kai Bear sick at home today.  Not my favourite.

Love, Louise


  1. Not to mention dad wears the exact same clothes - long sleeve shirt and black vest.....

  2. Ha! Maria, so true about the black vest!!

  3. Oh my goodness! What gorgeous views! I love BC.