Friday, March 08, 2013

Our Trip Update and Other Stuff!

Eek!! I booked our last flight today.  Do you know how many different flights we have?  We have 7 flights (or just 5 if you don't include stopovers).  Ya.  I have not taken the best deal on each flight as I would rather have the most direct routes and/or leaving at good times.  Except for our first 16 hour flight  (one stopover) when we leave at 2:40am:)  That is the only part of our trip that I am nervous about...just getting through the airports okay and Nya on the plane.  

I have hotels/guest houses booked for the Thailand portion.  Haven't started thinking about WHAT things were are doing yet but I'm assuming a trek and the elephant conservation and YUMMY food every day.  The Philippines portion I'm not so worried about as our friends live there so they are the experts!  
I bought a travel crib for Nya!!  It's a Phil & Ted's that I bought second hand for half the price of a regular one. I bought it at Once Upon A Child.  I had checked craigslist but they went so quickly.  It was still $100.00 but I figure we will get a few years worth of use out of it AND I can sell it for close to that when we do decide to sell AND I know other people would like to borrow it.   I have sold her jumperoo and other baby items so I have a `fund' that I can use:)  

The reason I like it is that it is so light (just 7lbs!) and it has a mesh cover to keep out bugs. After dragging around a huge playpen throughout Mexico, this will be much better!  We plan on using it next summer when we go camping in Oregon.  
We will be `practicing' with it over Spring Break.  Eek!  Spring Break is almost here.  Love it.  Love having something to look forward to.  It involves two small trips and painting our bedroom:)
Another step done: everyone has their updated passports!  Now we just all need to get our Hep A vaccinations and I'm going to make sure Koen and Nya have their up to date immunizations before we go as well.     
These frogs sit on our stove.  They are the frogs my dad bought my mom when he proposed to her.  I should probably ask him the full story but I like looking at them when I'm baking in the kitchen.  Baking is when I feel closest to my mom.  Especially today as I made boterkoek using her boterkoek pans.  
If you are interested in EC, it's pretty amazing.  Nya has been using the toilet for about 6 weeks now. I haven't changed a dirty diaper in 2 weeks. She only uses 2 diapers in 24 hours.  One at night and one in the day.  Isn't that amazing?  I only put her on the toilet 3 times a day for about 1 minute each time.  The only time it worked just 50% of the time was when she was teething.  Her digestive system was off and she was miserable.  My friend joked that I am one of `those' moms and it's true.  I seriously just like it for the minimal environmental impact.  We do have cloth diapers too but they don't fit well under her leggings so we don't use them all the time.  If you've never tried it, I might sound crazy, but it is really easy.  Easier than changing diapers!
Kai has participated in Friday Night Basketball for the last 6 months or so.   It has been good but I don't love having it on Friday nights.  It makes our nights rushed and we basically have dinner together and then off Gary and Kai go.  It is a great program though and Kai has learned a lot.  He is a hard worker.  We will not be registering him in it for the next season.  Instead, we are looking into ball hockey as that is his one major passion and has been for about a year now. 
Gary and I are teaching a photography class this weekend.  We have 17 people signed up which means we will be able to donate $850.00 to the school.  Likely we will chip in the last $150 ourselves as I want to be able to give $1000.00.  It is being matched until March 12th, so really, it's like giving $2000:)

All  right, better get lunch on the table here!

Love, Louise


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I love the idea of having your baby go on the toilet. I don't have kids myself but I can totally see myself wanting to try this in the future. I don't see any downside to it. Pretty cool if you ask me! :)


  2. I'd LOVE to hear about this babies on the potty thing!!!

  3. o man! such a steal on the phil and teds! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for it!! nice work!! :)