Friday, March 15, 2013

Almost there...

Koen has been thinking about the Easter story a lot over the past 2 days.
1.  Koen (looking out of the window before stepping outside): We have to look out for Judas!
2.  Koen (praying): Dear God, please help mommy's mom to come alive again.  Amen.  (very sweet!)
{Nya looks very similar to me at this age in this picture.  However, I often find her looking like Kai.  We will see!  Regardless, she is so happy and cute.}

Nya has a top tooth coming through.  So far, we have not noticed much of a change in her but if it's anything like round one of teething, this could be a terrible spring break! Well, at least we know what to do now.  Natural homeopathic type stuff in the day and advil at night!  She is adorable.  She is a handful.  As long as she is moving she is happy.  Go, go, gooooooo!!  She's cruising furniture right now but not walking on her own yet.

Kai is lovely.  I look at him and can't believe how huge he is.  Heavy. Solid.  Mature.  Where's my cute little toddler?  I think he will be a wonderful husband one day.  I know, weird thought, but I really do!  Here is an excerpt from one page of his skate shaped journal entry on skating lessons with his class:
When I read `I was joyful that my mom and my sister and my brother Koen came', it made me smile and tear up a bit.  I never know how much to be there for field trips as it's often hard dragging along his siblings and I don't want to smother him but apparently for now, he likes it!  So, I will continue when I can.  I also love how he spelled `used to' as `yousto'.  Makes sense!

The countdown to spring break is on!!!  We are going to the island to celebrate my oma's 90th birthday (my mom's mom) and then continuing on to Ucluelet/Tofino.  We stay in Ucluelet becuase it's about 1/4 the price for a nice suite for our whole family.  We can make our own meals then too.   We don't usually do any excursions but this time we are going to the aquarium there AND going on a whale and sea lion watching tour.  Growing up, we had our own boat and did that every spring break (and fishing every summer in Bamfield) so I have great memories of it.  Hopefully the kids love it!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and hopefully the sun comes out!!


  1. Didn't your blog address or title used to be "talk nerdy to me"?! Did you change it? I loved that!! I feel like you should still use it's clever ;)

    Have fun on the island!!! Happy spring break!

  2. Kai's spelling is very good and his printing neat for someone in grade one. Your holiday coming up sounds great - hope everyone stays well.