Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Green Lake

Baby Tip: I meant to share this so long ago!!!  To get rid of cradle cap, just rub coconut oil on their head.  Wait 20 minutes.  Comb it out. Done.  They smell like a beach and it does the trick!! I have tried many things and it was amazing how well it worked.

We just got back from Green Lake today.  I can tell you that three little Chapmans are so happy to be home!  It's not that they don't love holidays but they are just like their momma, they love coming home and having time alone.  It can be a bit busy being in a house with 11 people for 4 days!!!
First off, if you did not see the photos of Nya and I, here are a few above. I love her.  I know I'm biased because I'm her mom but man, she is sooooooooooooooooo happy and sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!  She was an amazing traveller on this trip and she slept pretty well for 2 of the 3 nights.  Yay!!  She currently has her two top teeth coming in so I'm bracing myself for a wild ride over the next two evenings or so.  She is starting to walk by pushing her car so I'll get some video of that tomorrow.
Every Spring Break, we go up to Green Lake with my sister Maria, her husband Kris, and their 4 girls.   My dad has a house there (available for rent if you want!!!  Check it out here if interested...) and it's where Gary proposed and where we got married!  
The kids played so well together.  No fighting!!  Well, Koen may have thrown a snowball or two in Izzy's face but not bad!  The big kids played outside and then Maria and I hung out in the house with the three youngest.  
Here they are on the frozen lake flying kites.
Last year they built a quinzee, this year, an igloo!
I have never seen my dad flying (oh man, he sounds so fancy), but he flew up for the day.  Here is above the lake and below, you can see him close up.    If you don't know my dad, this is very `him'.  
He landed in 100 mile house and then drove down to visit for the afternoon.  PS Can you find Nya below? It took me a while :)  She's sitting at the table eating..
Gary and Kris took the kids geocaching.  Here Kai is leading them with the GPS to a little island that they can walk to on the frozen water.

The clue was `orange'.  Only one rock covered in orange lichen!

It was pretty cold outside, hence all the layers, but it was so nice and sunny.  
Maria and Kris got out for a few walks together and Gary and I out to climb Mt. Begbie.  

It has been a good Spring Break so far.  The rest of it is just visiting with friends, doing errands, painting the bathroom, finishing our bedroom (hanging blinds, mirrors etc), and then church and Easter dinners.  Oh ya, and two photo sessions.  After soooo much family time, and even more to come,  I look forward to getting away with Gary for a night or two in the fall.  

I have enjoyed our Spring Break.  I have cut back on work so much this year which allows me to have a lot more guilt free time with my family.  I'm probably doing about 65% compared to last year.   It's hard because obviously we are making less this year (especially because for  6 weeks we have no sessions in prime time due to our trip!!!  That's a loss of about two weddings or just over $4,000!) but to me, it's worth it.  Also, with three kids, and one being under 1, it is a busier time right now.  

It was gorgeous out there today.  I'm so excited for the rest of the week's forecast!  Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

Love, Louise

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  1. beautiful! Just sent the link to my parents...very much the kind of house they like to rent for our whole family holidays :)