Monday, March 11, 2013

The Weekend

Oh man, all iPhone photos again.  Boo.  Oh well, Spring Break is soon enough and we'll have our cameras out hopefully!  The countdown is on and we are looking forward to some family time.  Well, to be honest, I wouldn't mind a few hours AWAY from my family but as long as we are doing something fun it'll be good:)  On Sunday I went out of the house for an hour and the best part was sitting in the van in the mall parking lot, eating a Purdy's ice cream bar.  So ridiculous but I sooooooo needed a break from `momming'.  

So, spent some lame money on our van this weekend.  I think that is the one place I get bitter about putting money into.  Vehicles.  They are just so expensive, especially since gas is CRAZY expensive.   Had to replace the battery (good job, Gary) and the rim on one of the tires.  We have a lot of construction going on which may have led Gary to drive over a curb in the dark.  Anyway, all fixed up.
I love that Nya just eats what we do.  She's still our smallest eater but she will try most things.  She is a lot more like Koen than Kai at this age.  Louder, more monkeyish and into everything, great pincer grasp, worse sleeper etc.
The boys put the trampoline together this weekend.  This will probably be the last year that Kai will want to use it as it's not super huge.
The boys love it and I love that they have another way to get out all of their physical energy instead of just playing hockey in the basement or wrestling around Nya.
Below the boys are watching Adam Loewen playing in the Team Canada vs Team USA game.  I taught him Biology 12 years back so it's pretty cool to see how well he is doing.  Anyway, this is the conversation:
Me: Kai, I taught Adam years ago.
Kai (eyes wide): YOU taught him how to play?!!!!
Below you can see that nothing stands in Nya's way.  She'll crawl over anything/anyone.
Below is the brochure for a campaign that the school is doing right now.  They are building a new primary campus which will be attached to the middle school.   Our Kai Bear is the boy in the photo.
Kai did tell the photographer that his mom could have done it too (I have done photos for their campaigns in the past).
Gary and I taught a photography class on Saturday night.  It's always a bit hectic as I had to be out of the house by 6:30pm.  That meant getting Koen and Nya down and running out the door.  They had moved the room we were in so I was a little scattered but by 7pm we were good to go!  We raised $750.00.  We had hoped for a bit more but three people had to cancel last minute.  Oh well, every bit counts and we were able to donate it all yesterday.  Big thanks to my sister Maria for babysitting.  
This morning was one of the best feelings.  While Nya napped, I went downstairs and rode our (super crappy) bike for half an hour while watching tv.  Felt soooooo good!!  Usually I can never exercise in the day because I'm working but I am completely caught up photography wise.  I am LOVING my self imposed restrictions.  One session/week and none on holidays.  I worked hard so I could have this week off to get caught up on house stuff, taxes (tried to be `cool' online but ended up doing the old paper version, I LOVE getting out my calculator and all that jazz) , trip prep etc.

In other news, my thyroid levels are currently in the NORMAL RANGE!!!   This is very exciting.  Last time it took 1.5 years to stabilize and be off meds etc.  This time, just 5 months.  I'm hoping to stay in the right range.  My body is still weak and tired but now I can start exercising more.  I do have to get this sinus infection dealt with's been going on for far too long.

Also, we went to another church on Sunday to check it out and see if it's a fit for us.  This might not sound like a big deal but to me it is!  I went to the same church for 26 years and then went to Gary's (our) church for the next 8 years.  They have started a church plant (new church in a community closer to ours) so we checked it out.  This is a big decision to be made as we love our current church/friends/community etc.  Such a great building, great kids program, small group etc. However, our current church is very large.  There's something nice about being in a smaller church where you get to know everyone a lot better.  More of a family feel.  Also, because it's closer it is easier to invite people to.   Change can be good.  We will see what we do.

Anyway, better get going on to life around here.  Tonight for dinner I am making sweet and sour pork (YUM!!!) and then once the kids are in bed, my friends are coming over for the Bachelor finale!  Looking forward to just hanging out with a glass of wine:)



  1. girlfriends, wine, and bachelor here too tonight! enjoy!

  2. enjoyed the bachelor ???? Mention that the crappy bike was free from your favorite sister!!

  3. so happy to hear your levels are in normal range right now! Hopefully that means things are going in the right direction...permanently :)

    I hope you are able to feel very at peace about which church you choose; i know it can be hard for some people to change churches or to know which one is the right fit for them, so hopefully it will be clear for your family what to do :)