Friday, March 22, 2013

Kai's Tooth!!!

My baby is getting her first teeth (she has two now) and tonight something exciting happened with Kai Bear!!

We have been waiting patiently for this day for a long time.  Tonight he came out of bed and asked me to wiggle it.  Being that I've pulled out a few of my sister's teeth back in the day, I knew he was ready!

Part 1 can be seen here.  Won't make you queasy.

Part 2 can be seen here.  If you don't like teeth being removed, maybe don't watch!   It's just 42 seconds long.  Good thing I'm not pregnant or I'd be crying like crazy.  I'm definitely a bit more excited than he is :)


  1. $5?!! Smart kid! :)

  2. Haha love how excited you are! So cute.

  3. so exciting!!! :)
    $5?? wow...the first could be worth that, but after you hit tooth 5, 6, get why your parents gave $0.25 ;)

  4. Oh yes, don't worry, we won't keep it that high:) He actually will get $5 for this first tooth but after that, no way! All the money he has earned from his allowance has all gone to the bank/church and he hasn't been able to spend any. This will be the first time that he will actually be able to buy something at Toys R Us:) He is VERY excited about that.

  5. That' s awesome. I sounded exactly like you when I pulled Aiden's first tooth out. It is so exciting!

  6. i love how excited you guys were- it made me teary! weird right? (and I'm DEF not pregnant!) and also, when it comes time to pull Jack's teeth, I'm hiring you! it CREEEEEEPS me out!!! uck! and don't get me started on the tie the tooth to string and a door...nasty!