Wednesday, March 06, 2013

What Would You Do With A $150.00 Date?

Pretty last minute, Gary and I were given a pair of Canucks tickets for last nights game!   Such a nice gift!  I considered letting Kai go but it would've just been too late for him and I know he would've been a mess for the rest of the week.  So, Gary and I decided to have a nice date!

**The next two paragraphs are just boring processing of what NOT to do**

Very exciting, but first I just need to vent/process a poor decision that we made.  I wish I had more time to make a better decision.  Gary's parents were able to come watch the boys and they are super easy to put to bed.  Nya, on the other hand, needs to feed around 6 pm and then go to sleep.  It is the one time I def. feed her to sleep.  So, being that I assumed it would take longer to get down to the game, we were going to leave around 5:30pm so we decided to take her with us.  I assumed that she would nap on the way. I assumed she would feed in the van before we went to the game.  I hoped she would fall asleep in the Ergo.  Wow. So wrong.  Looking back, we should've stayed home until 6 pm, put her to bed, and then left.  It only took us one hour to get from our front door to our seats.

She loved the loud noise, the music (she clapped), the loud guy behind us etc.  However, there was also a point in which she spit up on the guys jacket in front of us.  I was mortified.  M.O.R.T.I.F.I.E.D. Thankfully his wife was super okay with it and thought Nya was adorable.  There was the whole walking around trying to find a quiet place to breastfeed.  I ended up breastfeeding her in the Ergo while standing in the bathroom stall for 10 minutes.  After the first period, she was not happy.  So, not a very great date with Nya along.  I have learned a lot.  It has also freaked me out about the 16 hour flight to SE Asia!!  I need to find which drugs will make her sleep!!  The better option would've been to arrive 5 minutes late to the game.  OR, I really need to put in the work to get her to take a bottle every day.  Regardless, I'm so thankful for the tickets.  It was the second hockey game I've ever been to and it was fun to go and do something different.


One of my thoughts as I looked around was `Oh my goodness, each person has paid $70 to who knows what for a ticket.   So my question for you is the following:

'If you were given $150.00 for a date, and had to spend it all,  what would you do?' 

Go.  Everyone has to answer.  Just kidding :)  But I'm curious!!!


  1. Tickets to a play in Stratford (Ontario) or Toronto.

  2. Probably go to a Canucks game :). Or get a hotel downtown
    for the night and walk the seawall or the downtown streets. Yeah, probably that.

  3. We would spend it at Bravo (Chilliwack's fine dining restaurant) Mike and I could spend $150 there way too easily.

    I hear you on the baby/nursing issue - I never did the bottle thing with my babies and then got stuck not being able to go out until after 6:30/7 for the first year of their lives. I'm typically a home body so this was generally OK, but there are times when it made things tricky! The one thing I don't miss about breastfeeding.

  4. A night at a nice hotel :)

  5. is it bad that my first thought was forget the date...I'm going to the spa?! :)

    Probably a nice dinner, get dressed up and even order dessert :)

  6. Oh! or go to a concert/play

  7. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I would go out for a "day". A nice lunch and dinner with some glorious hours to chat in between:)

  8. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Side by side massages, or tickets to see a play
    Maria V

  9. pay for a milker to do chores and then go ANYWHERE for supper without the kids. Amywhere - as long as it means a night off work & a quiet meal :)

  10. would probably involve a hike, sushi and a show of sorts (either a movie or I'd really like to go to the VSO...though that would probably be a sacrifice for Alf :)

  11. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Depends on how much time we had, but if time was tighter, definitely a relaxed meal at a good restaurant (appys, drinks, dessert and all!)

  12. Probably a fancy dinner in Calgary or even a night in Banff without the children. Although we could easily blow that on a regular trip to Red Deer or Calgary so I would really have to plan it to make it stretch!

  13. Gary's answer: Nice meal in Vancouver and then tandem bike the seawall.

    My answer: Night away at a place like Harrison Hot Springs (the Resort and Spa). Guess we wouldn't have enough leftover for massages but maybe there would be a great deal?! Then we would do free stuff like going for walks and bike rides etc. And sleep. Straight through the night and past 6 am.

  14. Hotel, room service and a good drink! Although $150 wouldnt near cover it over here.... its too expensive!

  15. Either a nice dinner out, which would probably blow most of the $150, or, tickets to the VSO or a ballet and coffee or dinner after. But Stewart would much prefer a gourmet meal over the ballet. :)