Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kai's Class

This morning we went to Kai's class.  They are learning about families and communities and so we had half an hour to share about our family.  Wow, seriously, I am so thankful for our family.  Thankful for our health (I ran for 18 minutes (6 min run 1 min walk X 3) yesterday without taking any beta blockers and my heart rate was NORMAL!?) and for each other.  Gary did a small demo involving an exothermic reaction (gives off heat) with some gas production and a nice `pop' at the end which they loved.  I really should've taken my camera but I did have my hands full with Nya.  
Last night I gave Nya a bottle and then breastfed her (if she's sleepy enough I can switch her over from one to the next) and she slept from 8:30pm until 5:30am!! Awesome.  Not expecting it again but still, so great!  I am planning/hoping to breastfeed her longer than I did the boys, if she'll let me.  The reason? Well, she's my last AND I would like to breastfeed her in the Philippines.  She will be 13-14 months old then.   In regards to her being our last, I may have looked up information about adopting from Uganda as we are thinking about teaching there for a year in 2014ish.  We'll see:)  We do still have all of our adoption info with the ministry (as our adoption agency shut down) and it's always a possibility...

 I bought her pants/tutu from a store in Langley called `Once Upon A Time'.  I've sold a bunch of stuff there too. That way I can spend what I make by selling stuff and don't spend any money:)  I bought Kai a new raincoat (he lost his other one...what a punk) and winter boots there too.
Seriously, this picture is terrible (iphone pic)!!  I should remember to take my real camera but its hard when juggling kids.  One thing I was thinking was that Gary was the cool scientist doing the demo and I wish it had been me.  Why? I think it's good for them to see women being scientists too.  

And Koen.  Wow, he is at a tricky age.  He is our most difficult child these days.  He just doesn't seem very happy.  I mean, he does have a non stop cold but still, he's just grumpy.  You can see it in the picture.  He's still pretty easy going but just not happy.  He does love preschool and Sunday School though so that's good. He also enjoys going for bike rides and going on any errands with Gary and I.  Maybe he's just not happy because he's stuck at home with me all day:)   And truthfully, maybe he's just more like Gary.  Gary doesn't really smile and that doesn't mean he's sad, it's just him. 

All right, better go hang out with that grumpy boy of mine.  Thankful for so much these days.  Today, thankful for Kai's teacher, his class, and his love for school.  

Love, Louise


  1. Your comment about wishing it was you doing the experiment to show women doing science is interesting. I agree and also have been thinking that I need to continue playing football so that my boys see woman participating in sports.

  2. A natropath would say to take koen off of gluten, dairy, egg and citrus :). I love how he is just not smiling in that picture. It's kinda like Tyler - his none-smiling face looks like a scowl, but really it's just him not smiling. Anyway. I love that Nya is wearing blue. Very cute. And YAY for her sleep! That's better than Isaac! :)

  3. i love koen in that pic. he is gary.