Monday, November 26, 2012

My Thoughts on the iPhone

You have to understand that I came from having a regular old cell phone and rarely texted or had any data etc.  I wasn't sure whether I wanted to have the ability to text and go online because I'm at my computer enough as it is with work.   I don't care for myself, I just care for my family and how I spend time with them. So, in the three weeks that I've had it, here are my thoughts!

Overall, I love it.  A lot.  It is the first `splurge' item for me.  It's something I don't `need' but just wanted more for fun.  It's something that was all mine.   Gary does not understand this.  Everything in our house is `ours' and I just wanted one thing for myself.  When you get married, you give up a lot (like even your name!) and when you have kids, you give up all that's left of you.  Seriously, all I do is for them.  Well, that's how it feels.  Anyway, now I have something that I don't need but is all mine.  Gary did put ESPN on it without asking and I didn't really like that.  Then he went on it again without asking and ran it right out of batteries watching ESPN.  I know I might sound ridiculous and I'm not trying to share all our marital arguments or put Gary down, but I just feel like I want something that is my own.  If he wants to use it, just ask.  Or get his own. He thinks I'm being selfish and maybe I am.  I JUST WANT SOMETHING I DON'T HAVE TO SHARE.  Yes, I'm yelling that.  Maybe I'm irrational or crazy these days  as my hormones are SOOOOOOOO CRAZY!!!  I feel like I'm 14 again.

PROS (I have an iPhone4S)
1.  I now am able to check my emails and facebook in the morning while breastfeeding Nya.  I can also check it at night when I'm feeding her.  Or, when I'm in the kitchen I can just check if there are any new messages. This saves me time. (PS I should note that there are between 5-30 emails a day between my sisters and I so ya, there are always a lot of messages!)
2.  I can text.  Unlimited.  I can even use the option to dictate it which I love!  I can even send emails while feeding her, I just read it out and feel a bit ridiculous:)
3. The phone was free but the cost of my plan has gone up to $50 a month though (so almost $60 with tax). I was at $28/month before so really just $30/month more.
4.  I can use it to cook and bake without dragging the laptop into the kitchen (online recipes).
5.  If I need to use a map or check my emails or anything for work, I can do that on the road.
6.  I now use my time in the office much more productively.  The office is for almost all work now.
7.  I can run with music!!!! And, once, I called Gary mid run to tell him he could put Nya to bed because I was going to keep running.  So fun.  I know there are good running apps out there so I should probably find one.
8.  I rarely use it without wifi so that has helped me not use when we are out as a family.
9.  We only have huge DLSR's so it's hard taking a camera with you to the park etc so it is so fun to be able to just whip out your phone and take a quick picture.  That is one of my favourite things, although, the pictures aren't as good, I just have to suck it up.

{I can show the doctor what happens to Koen's face when he has certain foods....this was from red food dye I believe}
{I could look at this picture all day....SUPER CUTENESS!!! Taken with the iPhone, not bad}

1.  It uses so much battery life...I recharge it every day.
2.   I often read the emails but don't respond right away in case I have a lot I want to say.  Usually I try to respond immediately, so with the phone, it does delay my response.
3.  It is in an ugly case to make it Koen proof.
4.  I have the smallest data plan so I don't use it a lot when I'm out unless there is wifi.  This is good for me.

Anyway, I'm thankful I got it.  So far, so good.  Well, babes is up from her nap already, better go!  By the way, I had to visit my friend in the ER last night and I was gone long enough that Gary had to give Nya a bottle and she took it!!! 4oz. Awesome.  So glad she takes one now.  I feel a huge sense of relief in case of emergencies like that.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I'm thankful the sun is shining...this weekend exhausted me and not from fun stuff:( boo.  I did have two great sessions in the SUN though so that was awesome:)  Okay, ya, gotta get her.

Love, Louise


  1. After Noah was born my husband bought 'me' an iPad and it is my favourite thing eeeever. Just like you said, it allowed me to check my email, Facebook etc without needing to go to the downstairs desktop computer. It was especially handy during middle of the big feedinga. Kept me awake and entertained!

  2. I had a flip phone until Jan of this year. Now, I LOVE my iPhone. For many of the reasons you listed especially always having a camera handy!

  3. I would LOVE one strictly for the reason of not having to go b/t kitchen and living room when cooking or baking with an online recipe!!!

  4. I'm so on board with you having one thing that's yours!! I feel the same (except Brent doesn't think I'm selfish, he thinks I'm right). My thing is my ipod even though I don't use it that often. Once, matthew got Wendy's Frosty on it? He almost died. (not because of his feelings. I mean he almost died because I ALMOST KILLED HIM!!!)

    I love this list and I would agree with it 100% (I have a blackberry; hate it, wish I had an iphone, but the things you listed apply to my phone, too). I don't reply often enough, and it cuts down on my computer time.

    I didn't miss it when it was broken, though. It was remarkable how easy it was to live without it after loving it for so long =)