Monday, November 05, 2012

Pumpkin Scones and Grumpy Me

I cut up and pureed our  pumpkins that we had out for Halloween.  Gary and I only got  around to carving one this year (boo for us, bad parents!) so I used the rest for food!  I made a ton of baby food for Nya and she actually likes to eat pumpkin.  I'm trying to get her to eat some things so that it gives me a chance to get away for more than 3 hours if need be. 

{Can you tell that she tried to feed herself?!  Oh also, her eyes are turning hazel...}

I've used the rest of the puree to make pumpkin scones.  Yes, the ones you may have seen on pinterest  (the `Starbucks Clone Pumpkin Scones').  They are really good and I actually don't even do the icing on them and the boys LOVE them.  I think Koen is very sensitive to sugar and so ya, less is better for our crazy boy.  
You may remember that Koen broke our flatscreen tv that was just a few months old.  Well, yesterday I had the laptop sitting beside me on the couch and he jumped on it and it won't even turn on.  Good news is that it is our back up laptop that we use for travel/baking with online recipes etc, but still, what a punk.  That kid is costing us a lot of money.

{Her cute outfit for church yesterday:) Booties are so cute and from Simple Things Patterns.  I don't know how to sew so I was able to buy a pair that were made already:)}

We had a playdate here on Friday so I did some Christmas photos of my nieces and nephews.  Too bad my two littlest sisters are almost done their maternity leave:(

And my It sucks.  I went from running a total of about 14km over a week ago to ZERO this week.  Well, I ran 2 blocks, does that count?  My heart rate went through the roof and I was so out of breath.   So ya, just waiting for 9am so I can call my endocrinologist and get a prescription.  I haven't lost any more weight (just 8lbs) and I am sleeping well still (phew!) but I am really tired and weak and grumpy and spacey.  Don't I sound fun?:)

I had three sessions for this past week but just did one due to weather.  Oh well,  this Thursday and Saturday are looking good so that's awesome.  I especially hope Saturday is good as we have a wedding.  It's been a while since we've had one and I'm looking forward to it!

Well, time to make my third batch of pumpkin scones.   Not only do the kids love them, I do too!  

Oh man, I hope I can take me meds today and feel better soon.  I know this may sound weird but I just want to run again.  It not only feels good but it is my `health monitor'.  It tells me how I'm feeling.

Okay, pumpkin scones.....

Love, Louise

PS Kai would like to take us all on his honeymoon.  I said that he probably wouldn't want his parents along so he said then he would just take Koen and Koen's wife along:)

PPS We started using soap nuts as laundry detergent.  You can get them here.


  1. -those pumpkin scones are awesome. i need to make more of them :)
    -the laptop...OUCH :(
    -love the little booties!
    -those Christmas ornaments are a fantastic addition!!!
    -sorry to hear about the downturn in your health :( that's no good.
    -YES, the weather this weekend! SOOOO happy about it! hoping to also have 3 sessions and one today!! :)

  2. Anonymous3:27 PM

    So not fun that you are feeling horrible again. I know how that feels! Are you going on PTU again? Hopefully you respond well to the meds this time and can get back to normal again.

    Laura Mayer

  3. I'm excited to try Soap Nuts, it would be nice to use some thing besides a chemical based detergent. Less toxins left in the water, less toxins left on my clothes...

  4. Ali, so...the stains my boys get usually require stain remover anyway but for normal dirt etc it works. Also, I don't like scents (and neither does Koen's skin) so that's why I like it:)

  5. Ali, used them again today and they got dirty diapers clean AND the pee ones don't smell like pee. That means they work well:)

  6. Nya looks nice 'n plump! yay! :)