Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Cutie

Yes,  a Christmas picture already:)  We did our family Christmas picture this weekend too, and ya, it wasn't great.  Oh well.  The kids sort of behaved but somehow it was super sunny on Friday so we had to go find some shade...and it was cold...and we used our remote trigger.  Oh well, at least we took one!
By the way, the reason I took this picture is because I ordered this hat from my friend Melissa.  If you are interested in purchasing one (I love the material, sooooo soft!!), you can do so at her Etsy shop.  I love it when momma's can make some money while staying at home with their kiddos so if you're looking for a cute winter hat....Also, she lives in Langley so you could always save on shipping by picking it up!

Quick recap of the weekend:
1.  Wedding on Saturday.  Loved it.  So many people that I know (lots of old students which I love!) and the weather was great!   My friend Leah babysat Nya and that worked so super well as she lives 2 blocks from the church.  Nya had fun and Leah had to change a diaper or two:)  That little monkey still won't take a bottle so I need her close by to feed her....
2.  Sunday: babysat in church and then went to Gary's parents house with the whole extended family to celebrate birthdays.   We were there super early to change the brakes on the van so it was a long night but it was good.   Thankful for new brakes!
3.  Monday: errands and a mini session and photo editing and hanging out with the kiddos.

How am I feeling?
Well, not bad!  I would say my only complaints are exhaustion and muscle pain/weakness.   I don't know the reason why but you lose your muscles and they hurt when you have Graves Disease.  Anyway, it feels like the day after you go to a step class when you haven't gone in forever.  Just sort of achey everywhere.  I took a beta blocker today to keep my heart rate down and went for a run.  It was hard because of my sore/weak muscles.  I just ran 10 minutes:(   I do think that starting medication early has really helped me and I feel like I'm not getting worse which is fantastic.

Nya update:
The little monkey does not go to bed at night very well.  It usually takes about an hour of putting her in bed, then her screaming for a while, then us getting her, then her screaming etc for about an hour.  Also, during the day it takes her a while to start breastfeeding and I sort of have to force her.  However, eating solids is still quite a messy endeavor and breastmilk just creates less gas and digestive issues:)  She still eats at 10pm and 4 am every night.

Oh wow.  This was so boring!!  I wish I had something fun to say.  I don't.  Life is good.
Love, Louise

PS When talking about Christmas presents, Kai said that I don't need any because my kids are gifts from God and that's good enough:)  True enough!


  1. LOVe the picture and the hat! :)

  2. Cute Christmas photo of Nya!

  3. Okay that picture is adorable! I feel like I say that every time I visit your blog ;)

    Looking forward to Saturday!

  4. xo. Hope you continue to feel better and better...

  5. Kai is so funny. Seriously, you could write a book with all the stuff he says!

  6. Your daughter is ridiculously beautiful. Love that the hat!