Monday, August 20, 2012

The Good and The Bad

The Bad:
1. Our Visa was compromised last month. Fortunately we didn't have to pay for the expenses on a fake paypal account they set up. Thought Gary bought me a snowboard or something for my birthday. If that wasn't enough, our Mastercard was compromised THIS month. So annoying because I had to change all my automatic withdrawals to a new card and it's just a pain.

2. Our van had to go to the shop. `Fortunately' it was just another spark plug coil so it cost `just' $300.

3. The mirror on our Canon 5D broke off so we had to ship it off to Ontario to get fixed. It is under warranty so they did cover the $300 fee but we still had to pay for shipping AND we were without it for 2 weeks.

4. My aunt has stage 4 cancer (so really, all the other bad things don't matter).

5. Gary took Kai to a BC Lions game and Kai got the flu. He vomited on the way there but Gary still brought him. I didn't know about it at the time or I would've definitely picked him up so Gary and his dad could still go. He made it on the jumbotron. Not sure why they'd want a kid puking into a popcorn bag on the big screen. They came home at the half. Kai puked the whole way home too. GROSS.

6. Kai, Koen and Gary are all sick. Lame. Lame. Waste of our days. If anyone pukes on my new living room rug....

The Good:
1. On Saturday, my sister Jantina and I took our babies to the island to visit my oma, uncle Al and my aunt that was recently diagnosed with cancer. The kids were fabulous and it is always great to visit. I wish we lived closer and didn't have to deal with the ferry. It was amazing only having one kid to take care of, I even got to read some of my book! It was pretty funny because there was a lot of side by side breastfeeding (in the van, on the ferry etc) and so many people though they were twins. It's a long day as we returned home that evening.
{First ferry trip outside of my uterus:)! I wish I had taken a picture of oma holding her, she was so smiley with her. I just didn't have my camera in the house with me. I'll just have to go back again soon:)}
{Jack aka super baby. He makes Nya look fussy.}
2. I am going to have about 3 days off this week!! Yahoo!! The plan? Work on putting together a little photography class. I'll have taught 2 people one on one so I've got an idea of what it might look like. Seems like a great thing to do from November-February when there are fewer sessions to do.

3. My beautiful baby turns 3 months old on Wednesday. She is so awesome. I love her a ton. I wish she would stay 3 months old for a long, long time. I'm not ready for teething and all that jazz.

4. School starts for Kai (and preschool for Koen) in 2 weeks. I think I'm very ready for that! I think that they are ready too. I'm the ridiculous mom that makes her kids to do school work every day. Really, Kai just has to do one math page and Koen just has to colour and trace his name:)

5. The heat wave has passed. Yahoo.

Have a great week!
Love, Louise


  1. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Hey Louise, I totally understand your long day trip to the island, except mine was on Sunday to Port Alberni. We decided that it was the last spontaneous trip we ever do to the island on a sunny summer Sunday when reservations are already full! I am sorry to hear about your Aunt Nelly, they prayed for her in church that morning. I hope you had a great birthday last week and can still remember how fun it was while you have a houseful of sickies. I will be praying for you all, take care!

  2. I am really sorry to hear about your aunt, Louise.