Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Great Day

Yesterday was awesome. One of the things on our list for this summer was to go to Playland. The past few years we've gone to the PNE but have realized the boys just like the rides. So, we went on a cloudy day and it wasn't busy at all! Kai got a ride ticket for his birthday (Thank you Adam and Noah!!) so it was a super cheap day for us. We got free parking, Koen is still free, so we just had to pay for the entrance fee for Gary and I. For $30 we rode on the 48" and under rides for 3 hours. They loved it.
Next year will be a bit trickier as I guess Kai and Gary will go on the big rides while I stay with Koen on the little ones. That's a bit more of an investment...we may go to the Northwest Washington Fair instead, I'll have to check that out online.

Kai and Koen love getting scrambled!
Nya was super awesome. She sleeps SO well in her car seat...I wonder if she does have some reflux (she spits up all the time) because that generally helps babies who have projectile spit up.

Then, we went to McDonalds for dinner, and after that, we went to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. I've never actually been there before and I had a photo session with a family at 6:30pm. We went as a family so that the kids could explore and geocache while I worked. What a great location!! I'm glad it worked to do Playland on the same day so that we didn't have to cross the Port Mann twice and we saved on gas:) Also, I didn't really want to be away from Nya for 4+ hours due to the bottle situation.
Kai said it was the best day of his life and it was pretty good. I think that he also liked that we didn't get home until 9pm:)

I would love to go back there some day.

Hope you are having a great week!
Love, Louise


  1. love these pictures :)
    Northwest Washington Fair...can't say enough about it. we LOVE it there! Going next Friday and can't wait!! :)
    We're taking the kids to Lighthouse Park at the end of the month for their first time there. We haven't been since my it there so much and can't wait to go back! I think all kids love jumping/climbing all over the rocks :)

  2. Nya has already grown so much! Crazy. Sounds like you had fun. We love lighthouse too, and its offleash (superbonus!)

  3. Glad it was such fun!