Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ready For School!!!

Photos in this post by Gary as I haven't taken any of the kiddos! He is working through his Photoshop `Layers' book as he prepares to teach a photography course this year:)
This weekend we had a wedding. It worked perfectly with Nya as I was able to feed her every 3 hours throughout the day. Thanks to my sisters Trisha and Jackie for babysitting the kiddos and bringing Nya to me! It was nice to be out of the house and working all day, but man, I'm glad I saw Nya every 3 hours. I missed her so much!!!

I've had to say no to many people for sessions this fall as I'm already booked until mid November. The hardest is saying `no' to past clients but I'm really trying to stick to my limits:)

This morning I had to drive to my last jaw appointment in Chilliwack. That's a one hour drive each way with 3 kids. We got in the van just in time and I realized the battery had died. I recharged it (go me!) and we made it in time. Not my favourite morning. My jaw is still in the same condition as it was 10 months ago. They weren't able to do anything for it in the end. I guess spending $1300.00 on a good try was worth it?! I don't know.

Kai is going through some sort of emotional transition. I should read up on my old developmental psychology books:) He gets really frustrated and angry and doesn't know how to deal with it and so he screams. Very high pitched. Very loud. He stomps his feet. He loses control. Also, our dear 6 year old bit his brother for the first time. Yes, he was frustrated with Koen (because Koen didn't want to play with him), so he bit Koen's hand. Kai doesn't act like this with anyone other than us, and it only happens at home. I know how he feels because I remember feeling like I couldn't control my emotions when I was 12, it was tough. On the other hand, he is really mature and helpful and is growing like a weed:)

I'm thinking Kai is ready to go back to school. We find out on Friday who is teacher is and what class he is in. Koen is also soooooooooooooooooooo ready for preschool to start. I feel like he should be in kindergarten already but he's got 2 more years to go! We found out his teacher's name is Mrs. Carr which is pretty much the coolest name for someone who is going to teach Koen.

Did I mention that last week sucked? Ya. It did. I'm trying to think of something really fun/special we can do this Saturday before school starts. Something that won't be too busy and isn't too far away. Ideas?

Have a great week!
Love, Louise


  1. Neat shots, Gary!
    Oh, the emotional kids...i was just brewing a post about that in my head today while washing dishes. our emotional one is almost 4 and it doesn't come out the same as it does for Kai, but it's a learning process - teaching them how to deal with/handle their emotions!

  2. Louise, I hope it is okay that your post about Kai has made me feel better about my foot-stomping five year old :)