Monday, August 06, 2012

A Couple of Birthdays

Thank goodness today is cooler! This weekend was HOT. I'm a 17C kinda girl. Three days in a row it was about 30+C and all I could think is `How am I going to handle SE Asia next summer?!':) Hopefully I will be down 20lbs by then and then it won't affect me as much?!

Friday we had Kai's birthday party. He had a blast and it was `the best day ever'. They played hockey with the dads there and did a super skills competition and ate food. The rest of us hung out in the shade beside the hockey box.
Nya liked being outside in the shade and then my sister Maria got her to sleep:) She is such a happy baby and I should get some more pictures of her.
My nieces have never played hockey before but I think they liked it! Everyone participated and were all good and sweaty by the end.

Even though it was such a simple party, he loved it.

What else this weekend?!
1. I had my first full wedding!! So good to be back at it. How did Nya do? Well, I left her with my best friend Lynette whose parents live about 15 minutes from the wedding location. So, she hung out at her parents house for the day. I fed her before, then Lynette brought her to me during the receiving line, and then I fed her 3 hours later. May seem inconvenient but Miss Nya cannot be trusted to take a bottle and I felt a billion times better just being able to feed her. A HUGE HIP HIP HOORAY to Lynette. She made it so easy for me and I am so thankful. Lynette said that Nya was so easy and didn't even cry once. Yahoo!! For the next wedding, I'm also getting the babysitters to take her to me. We're still working on the bottle but I just don't want the stress/pressure.

2. I ran 33 minutes straight today. I was supposed to walk for 30 seconds and run for 10 minutes three times in a row but I just decided to keep going and not stop. Felt good!

3. On Sunday we went out for dinner to Red Robins for Gary's birthday as we had a wedding on his actual birthday the day before. For his birthday, I gave him shorts, a shirt and an electric knife sharpener (he had asked for the sharpener and I found one on sale:)

Then, for the first time, I planned a little surprise. I planned for my sister Jackie to come by to babysit for an hour in the evening so Gary and I could go for a bike ride. Totally not exciting but fun for us to get out alone. I cannot keep anything from Gary. It was so hard for me to lie to him (I just said that Jackie and I were going biking) and I think he really liked being surprised:) We were just gone for one hour doing the Tynehead Perimeter Trail but that is our first date since Nya was born. It was a beautiful evening.

Hope you all had a great long weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. A few things.....
    *Nya has such bright, beautiful eyes.
    *Kai's birthday sounds like it was a lot of fun!
    *Very clever having Nya brought to you to feed and you didn't have to worry.
    *Running 33 minutes straight.....AWESOME!

  2. Happy Birthday Gary! And happy soon to be Birthday Louise :) Sounds like the weekend was a big success.

  3. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I agree, SO SO hot! I prefer 23C with a nice breeze:)
    Happy Birthday to more than half your family!

  4. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Have you tried the "calma" nipple by medela? It was the only one my daughter would take other than breastfeeding. I think it is the cheapest at walmart. If you have a medeal pump, it will fit on all the bottle sizes, if not you can buy the nipple/bottle combo rather than just the nipple.
    Just a thought...........