Sunday, May 06, 2012


Below is what happens all day long. Koen tries to hug/squeeze/tackle Kai while Kai tries to behave. Here Kai's thinking, `Mommy, I'm smiling for your picture!' and Koen is thinking `How much harder can I squeeze him before he jumps on me?'.
I realized that for church today we sort of had triplets. All in khakis and button up plaid shirts. Oh ya, with new hair cuts and no one wearing any gel. Seriously boys, it takes one second and makes a world of difference. Oh, one more similarity; awkward smiles.

Me at 37 weeks. Apparently it was bright out noticed by my squinting. Either that or my face is super swollen like my hands and feet. I don't think my belly is growing any more but I do think baby girl is fattening up and just taking up more space within that belly. I've noticed that I'm much hungrier this week. Also, who knew that swelling in your hands could cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Awesome, not like I need to use the computer like a crazy woman this week. I'm going to try to finish all the weddings in this next week so I get one week off. I'm confident I can do it!
On Friday, my dad flew into Langley airport and the boys were able to sit on the plane. My dad said not to touch any buttons so of course Koen touched a bunch. This freaked out Kai because he's a rule follower and he was scared the plane would take off. Hence, his look of concern.
Below Kai is even more concerned:)
Opi and Nana Jo with half of the grandkids. When our baby girl arrives, they will have 10 with one more on the way.

I have 10 billion thoughts going on right now so I will have a boring post next which is all about my thoughts on May and this baby and it's arrival etc. May is a wild month because May 7 is the anniversary of my mom's death, May 13 is Mother's Day (probably the hardest day of the year for me and many others), May 22 I should be meeting my daughter, and May 28th is our anniversary. Roller Coaster of emotions.

To end on a funny note, Koen said, `I'm bald under my hair'.

Hope you had a good weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. Thinking of you as thoughts of your mother fill your mind today.

    Good luck getting all your pictures edited this week.

    I guess we are all bald under our hair! Cute!

  2. what a crazy May for you! and today starts it, thinking of you today-

  3. You look great! Hang in there for these last few weeks. I can't imagine everything that you go through in May, and with end of pregnancy hormones/anticipation/fatigue on top of that!!

    The triplets look great too. Finn refuses to wear button up shirts, but they are so cute!