Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wrestling Ring

Not sure if it was a good idea, but we bought a wrestling ring, oh, I mean trampoline. If you've ever seen our yard, you know that it is tres, tres small. I feel bad because I've always wanted my kids to have a huge yard. I was so fortunate growing up to have a forest, pool, trampoline, dirt bikes, chickens etc. Kids dream. However, we live in a very expensive part of Canada and we LOVE our house so we are willing to have a small yard. We make it work by playing hockey in the alley and walking to the park every day.

I have been bugging/asking Gary for a trampoline for almost a year. Today Toys R Us had their 7.5 foot ones (yes, so small!) on sale so we went for it. They LOVE it. I'm glad they have a place to get their exercise for the next few months so I can focus on baby and recovering.

In other news, I have a cold. This is really not good because it happened when I had Koen too. It is so incredibly painful to cough with an abdominal incision so I'm hoping and praying that it goes away in the next 10 days. I know it's silly to ask for prayer for a cold but if you think of it, please do:) I've started using the humidifier which helps a bit.

My sleeping is not going well. I'm tired and uncomfortable and definitely waddling. Last night I was up from 1-3am and I can tell you that facebook is not exciting at that time of night. I feel like the baby has doubled in size in the last two days. I'm actually pretty sure that I'm now bigger than I was with the boys.

I know these next 10 days will go quickly so I will try not to complain and just savour the gigantic-ness of my belly.

This weather is incredible. Today we wore short, t-shirts, hats and sunscreen and went to the neighbourhood festival they have each year. Yay for sunshine!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm looking forward to my Purdy's English Toffee already:)

Love, Louise


  1. Hope you had a better sleep last night and that your cold doesn't develop into a cough. (I had a dream last night that I was at a photography class that you were teaching and you went into labour. You became quite delirious!)

  2. Now I know where to bring Claire over for a bounce!