Wednesday, May 16, 2012


1. Thankful for a 5 year old that is so helpful and thoughtful. He's a mini adult and I love it:) This morning we woke up to the boys giggling as Kai brushed Koen's teeth for him.

2. Thankful for a 3 year old with the cutest dimples and the cutest sayings. Yesterday he told me to watch him do a `double gumdrop' on the trampoline. Koen can't say `th', so when you ask him how old his is, he says, `Pha-ree' and it's cute. Love, love, love my boys.

3. Thankful that it takes my kids 5 minutes to go to bed and fall asleep.

4. Thankful for a husband that loves to cook. I have zero energy to cook and I love food. Besides, the stove is now a hazard (almost got my belly on the burner) and also my belly is in the way when I try to do anything on the counter. Bending is difficult unless I bend/squat like a sumo wrestler.

5. Thankful that baby is big and strong. Measuring 40 weeks today. Hoping I make it to Tuesday! So thankful for a healthy pregnancy even though I feel like I'm 500lbs and my ankles are long gone.

6. Thankful for great health care (hospitals, midwives, OB's etc).

7. Thankful for our jobs (Gary teaching and our photography). Great holidays and I love the flexibility of mine. I get Gary home for 7 weeks straight!

8. Thankful for my relationship with God and feeling His presence in my life. Love our church community and love hearing Kai pray:) (Koen just does the same one every day `Thank you that Jesus died on the cross and thank you for the baby in mommy's belly')

9. Thankful for chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream in a waffle cone and English Toffee from Purdy's. I started eating ice cream last week after it was inevitable that our baby would be another big one:)

10. Thankful that the boys have been fighting way, way less. The rule on the trampoline is that if anyone cries, both of them have to come off. They jumped for an hour straight yesterday without fighting.

I hope you are having a lovely sunshine filled week!!
Love, Louise

PS Did I tell you about Kai's Mother's Day card? Inside it said things like `I love you!' `You are the best!' and on the front of the card...who was it addressed to? The trampoline.


  1. Lots to be thankful for! I will be away over the long weekend, so I will give you my wishes now, for a great "birth" day on Tuesday. I will be eager to hear all about it and find out the name of your little girl. Best wishes to you all!

  2. Thinking of you on your last weekend as a family of four! I will be praying for you on Tuesday and can't wait to see pictures of the new little one!