Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 Year Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. Well, not sure we really `celebrated' it as I pretty much went to bed after dinner:) I did get up again as our little girl likes to be up in the evening until about 11pm so that keeps us busy/tired. However, last night after some good cluster feeding, she then slept in two 4 hour periods. Awesome.

The first day with 3 kids went okay. My sister Maria came in the morning for an hour so I could get my shower in. She also started the laundry for me, thanks Maria! There were quite a few visitors throughout the day which totally exhausted me. Not trying to be mean, just saying, social interactions are a bit tiring right now:) One visitor was the midwife...Nya is back up to her birth weight already and doing well!

I am happy to say that my swelling/water retention has gone down. Wow. After a C-section, you retain tons of water from the IV's etc. I came home from the hospital weighing just 5lbs less than going in. My ankles returned today and finally the pounds are coming off.

I realized that I hadn't posted any pictures of Gary with his little girl! So, here are a few. Gary says he doesn't love the newborn stage but he sure is good with kids of all ages. He really is. I am so thankful for him and I think we are such a great team!
I wish I could just freeze time right now because I'm not ready for her to start getting bigger. When I look at my niece and nephew who are 4 months old, they look humongous!
I think we'll try to do a newborn session of sorts with her before she gets too big. It's a bit too tiring to think about but I know I will appreciate it later:)

And, I know `they' say that newborns don't smile, it's just gas. However, this little girl smiles A LOT! I love it. She must be gassy then:) Have I mentioned that just like her momma and her brothers, she has a gorgeous dimple?
She def. looks like her big brothers when they were babies!

Seven years and three beautiful, healthy kids. Awesome. Thankful!

Love, Louise

PS Thank you to `Veggie Tales' for giving me time to blog:)


  1. Happy Anniversary! She is just so beautiful!

  2. Happy 7th to you and Gary!
    Nya is just SO cute! I think she looks especially like Koen in the black & white picture :)

  3. Nya is so sweet!! And my niece smiled when she was just wee too and it seemed to be in response to you, but who knows... it could have been gas. Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Looks like she is getting lots of kisses! She does often look like she is smiling!