Friday, May 04, 2012

This Is How We Cuddle

The boys aren't super cuddly at this age. Well, to be honest, the only way I can get Koen close to me is to say that I'm allergic to his cuddles. Then when he hugs me as hard as he can, I have to `sneeze' a lot to keep it going.

However, once a day I get a good cuddle from each of them. Kai likes to lay on my side and rub my belly. I have to say that Kai is such a wonderful son. He is helpful (Mommy, I can pick that up for you!) and thoughtful (Ladies first!). He continues to be so inquisitive and I think he's pretty bright:) I love that he has the ability to get along with anyone/everyone. He is so patient and encouraging with Koen. Part time kindergarten has been awesome for Kai and Koen to spend time together during the week.
Kai's top three things to watch on tv can also tell you about him:

1. Sports. Mostly hockey. That's what he watches in the morning (highlights) rather than cartoons.
2. Food Network. He loves Chopped and Top Chef. The other day he was buttering his toast and counting down.
3. Veggie Tales. We borrow them from the church library and get a new one each week. The kids quote these movies for weeks on end.

Koen likes to rub my belly and sing songs to his baby sister. The songs are always `ABC's' or `You Are My Sunshine'.
Koen's top 3 shows?

1. Veggie Tales
2. Cars/Cars 2
3. Food Network (my kids love food and they watch this with Gary)

Koen loves to race cars (his `Cars' cars) all day long. He is a lot more aggressive than Kai is and tries to tackle him a lot. He needs to be physical. Could be an age thing too.

Gary also enjoys his cuddles. Ha. I have to say that in our 7 years of marriage (7th anniversary in a few weeks), I have never seen Gary so tired and stressed. When I say `stressed' it really means that he is showing signs of stress whereas he's normally so laid back. He is busy with work/family/photography/basketball/volunteering and maybe it's just that he's getting older? I'm hoping May Long Weekend will be a time where he can just rest and rejuvenate before babe is here. Although he is super busy, two wonderful things he did this week were:

1. Made me sweet and sour pork because I was craving it. He tends to show his love through food which I wish I understood way earlier on.
2. He donated blood yesterday, even though it was a crazy busy day. Donating blood is hot. Just saying.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. You are so cute. =) Love the cuddles! Your boys are cute, too!

  2. Our kids are also food network fans; they love Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and Iron Chef America as their faves :)
    donating blood is in temperature or attractive? I read it as attractive since you were saying Gary donated.

  3. Kelly-attractive. Saving lives and all that:)

  4. Aww, I love that photo of you and Kai on the couch! so sweet.