Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day!

After all the snow and freezing temperatures we had this week, Gary and Kai had a snow day today! The roads were actually fine but some were closed closer to the school so that is why they cancelled it.

Anyway, to start, I got to sleep in! I ended up having to change Kai's bedsheets at 4am and then was up for 2 hours after that. By the way, nothing like a pregnant woman changing the sheets on the top bunk while her sciatic nerve is acting up.

Okay, on with the day:) We went to Greenaway Pool where I used to go sledding as a kid. The boys had so much fun.

At the end, when I said they could do two more runs, they wanted to do one without Gary. We did one half way down the hill so that they didn't go too fast and Gary could stop them. Then, for the last run, they wanted to go from the very top. I'm a `safety first' kind of girl and Gary is more of a risk taker. It's good Gary is around or my kids would be in helmets all the time (sort of kidding:). Although I wasn't so sure it was safe enough, I let them go. Oh my. They were so out of control and going so fast. I was half way down the hill and went in front of the tree they were headed towards as I couldn't stop them but I could possibly divert them. Had they hit the tree, we definitely would've needed an ambulance. They missed the tree by a foot and then crashed down further where Gary was. Fortunately they were both okay but Kai was devastated that his brother got hurt because he didn't steer properly. Totally not his fault at all. Koen had a bloody face but it cleaned up okay. It's now a lot more red like road rash...poor Bubba.

I have to say that seeing my two boys hurdling towards that tree was the scariest parenting moment for me in the last 5 years. (Previously it was when I was running with 6 month old Kai in the stroller and he fell out and landed face first on the pavement...bad, bad mommy). I'm so thankful they were okay. Gary apologized to the boys and me and I know he felt so bad. Such a balance, hey? Between letting them take risks and sheltering them. I know it's only going to get harder as they get older:)

Have a great weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. those pictures are GREAT! :)
    you are brave for letting the boys go from the top - glad they missed the tree and that Koen's injuries are pretty minor. i can see that would have been scary! :)

  2. bad parenting moments outnumber yours...face-plant onto pavement from a carseat, falling down a full flight of stairs at 10 mths old, and I've been at it 3 less years than you. But yah, scary moments are not fun at all, especially when it's your decision or actions that contributed to it.

  3. Louise, next time you see me check out my eyebrow scar. My mum was running to catch a bus in England and didn't buckle me in the stroller and I went flying and hit the pavement. For years (10 +) I never knew how I got the scar as my mum never liked to talk about it.

  4. I used to love sledding at Greenway!! Such good memories:)

  5. Looks like fun! And I totally get you on the deciding how much to let our fears stop them from taking some risks. Noah was sledding on a tiny hill and then wanted to try the bigger hill with the "jump". It didn't look too bad so I let him (he was fine), but when I got home Steve told me that he has witnessed a kid break their leg on that hill...maybe we'll stick to the tiny hill next time :)