Saturday, January 28, 2012


I am thankful for a lot, but especially these two today:

1. Gary and his students are okay after their Winter Campout. There was an incident while sledding where two girls ran into a tree and Gary actually ran into one as well (almost at the same time). Nothing like going to bed assuming you will see your husband the following evening and waking up to your husband limping beside your bed at 4am saying `Don't worry, everything is fine but....'. They packed up their camp stuff, dug out the bus from the snow, and drove home in the middle of the night to ensure the girls were truly okay. So, I didn't really sleep after that. Fortunately there are no broken bones.
2. My ultrasound report says baby girl is normal for everything. This is a first for me as Kai had several issues on his (ex. enlarged renal pelvis) and Koen did too (CPC's in brain). Midwives were surprised that Dr. P said no to a VBA2C for me and are looking into other options for me (other hospitals etc). Thank you for all of your encouragement in this department. I have been really confident about it up until this point and I know that with a little more research we will figure out what will be best for Baby Girl Chapman and for me. I would LOVE to naturally birth this little girl but I will be okay with a repeat C-section as long as I have time to mentally prepare for it. I really would love to see an ultrasound at about 37 weeks or so and see where baby's head/weight are at. I know it's not super accurate but I'm thinking it will give a picture of whether baby is closer to 8lbs or 10lbs:)
{Koen colours for about 1-2 hours every day. He doesn't draw anything, he just makes blotches of colours everywhere.}

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I had my second massage therapy session (note: not a nice massage, it was a painful but good massage) for my sciatica. I do think it is getting better so I'm hoping that it continues to improve.

Love, Louise


  1. yikes - glad they're all ok!
    how awesome it would be to be able to deliver naturally. praying it works out for you! :) but also for peace if it doesn't.

  2. ooh...glad the sledders are all O.K.

  3. Glad everyone is okay! Oh good ol' butt massages for sciatica... mine has come back with this pregnancy too so soon enough I too will be heading for massages :)

  4. "Everything is fine, but..." totally made me laugh out loud! Glad they really are all fine, though!