Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Party and a Lens

We had Koen's 3rd birthday on his actual birthday. It was hard planning a 3rd birthday because he doesn't really have any friends yet:) So, we just had his 4 girl cousins who are closest in age to him. He wanted a `Space Party' so we decorated star cookies and painted rockets. We also had pancakes and cupcakes:) Koen had fun but it was weird to have such a small party for him.

{My mischievous niece Sami}

Kai gave Koen one of Gary's old basketball trophies and proclaimed that it was a trophy for being the `World's Greatest Little Brother'.

And what else is new?

I'm so thankful that Kai went back to school today! For the first time in his life, I found him annoying this weekend. Isn't that mean to find your child annoying? He will just blab on about the same thing for 20 minutes straight (some Mario game) and will purposely do anything to drive Koen crazy (walk on his toys, take his blankie etc). Also, he bites his nails like crazy. I am not a fan. I made him wear socks on his hands. It was the first time I've ever felt annoyed by him so hopefully a little space will cure that:)

Also, as the end of 2011 approached, we made just a few business purchases as we won't be making many in 2012. Baby is coming in prime photography time (beginning of summer) and we'll likely be making only 40% of what we did this year. So, I bought this antique stroller (which I will use this Thursday for a a newborn session), a laminate `section' for indoor studio photos (in stroller photo), some newborn props, and....a new lens:) We ordered the 85mm f/1.8. I couldn't justify spending an additional $1000.00 for an f/1.2 so hopefully it is as good as all the reviews said! Can't wait for that package to arrive in the mail!

No idea why I'm blogging so much but I have to say that as I make my 2011 photo book, it helps to have everything recorded via the blog. That's how I remember what we did each month of the year.

Went to the TMJ specialist in Chilliwack this morning. Had my mouth splint adapted again but really, it is not hopeful. Once baby is born, he may try another manipulation with anesthetic but likely I will have this forever. Great. I know it could be worse but it is frustrating to be `falling apart' at this age (thyroid and jaw). Truthfully my life isn't much different, besides pain from chewing and having to cut my food up smaller, but I'm worried what the bone on bone will do as I age. Can't be great. Oh well, again, could be worse.

I'm loving this one on one time with Koen again. Yay for school:) Hope you are having a great start to 2012!
Love, Louise


  1. looks like a fun party!
    great new purchases :) love that stroller...SO cute!

  2. Happy Birthday Koen! It looks like the perfect party!

  3. Happy Birthday Koen! I love the cardboard rocket.

  4. the trophy gift? HILARIOUS! And I LOVE the stroller!

  5. I love that Kai gave Koen a trophy!

  6. Lovin' the photo of Gary...looks like he had the most fun!

  7. Love the world's greatest little brother trophy! Happy Birthday, Koen!

  8. Koen's party looked awesome :) Love the floor and stroller!! I'm definitely enjoying having Asher back in school too, even if it is only 2 mornings a week :)

  9. Love the antique stroller! Such a cool find!!